Winter Outfit Ideas for Models

This coming season will bring with it a bunch of bold colors to brighten up the dreary winter months. It had already reared its pretty pink, red and glittery head and we can’t wait to see more at the start of 2017. The thing is that a model wants to relax when she isn’t on duty but if you are a public face you are under scrutiny all the time, whether you want to be or not. You cannot afford a fashion faux pas as a model as this can literally ruin your modeling reputation and you worked hard to build your brand.

For this reason you always need to be on point with regards to what you dress in, even if you were not planning on leaving your home. We all fell victim to the ‘I’m just gonna pop out for a sec’ illusion and we end up running into all the wrong people. To avoid this scenario and the embarrassment that is sure to ensue you need to always dress like you are on the way out. Yes even in winter an even if you want to relax. There are many comfy clothes out there that look just amazing. The trick is to dress it up in order to look absolutely stunning.

Leather and faux fur is big and a loose fitting leather and faux fur jacket or coat is the perfect thing to quickly throw over a less than amazing outfit to turn it into fabulous. A huge plus is that it’s really warm too and depending on what your leather is lined with and how it’s processed it could be as soft as silk. Puffer coats paired with skinnies are the most amazing outfit for a slender build and if you wear a chunky knit or textured top or jersey underneath with some calve- or knee-high boots to round the whole look off you are sure to look catwalk ready at all times.

For a look that is just super without looking like you tried you could just wear a simple tee under a faux fur jacket. This could go extremely well with jeans or any other color-matching pair of pants (please no elastic waists unless the jacket you are wearing conceals this fact very well). Layers and oversized items are very on trend right now so combine over-the-knee boots with a fur jacket and oversized scarf to keep nice and toasty while looking your best.

All black is probably one of the looks that will never go out of style. Wearing all black this winter can be rounded off with another black number, a floor-length coat that billows around as you gracefully strut along. Another trend that is here to stay it seems is matching the grand with the everyday. Take a faux fur jacket and wear it with a simple pair of jeans. The contrast creates a beautiful result but these (and more) are things that models signed at Boon Models already know.

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