Welcome to Boon Models


Thank you for meeting with us in our office. It was a pleasure to meet you and we are excited to work with you on future opportunities.

Provided below is a selection of information regarding how we operate as a company. Please read through the information and let us know if you have any questions.

Modeling Jobs

Boon Models facilitates a relationship between clients and talent; it doesn’t guarantee jobs. Hiring is purely based on our clients’ discretion. When we receive modeling/acting opportunities, we send them to our talent within the relative geographic area to the job.

If we email you information about a potential job, please take time to check that all the parameters of the job satisfy you (relevancy, date, time, compensation, etc.) and then respond promptly with your interest by replying to the email without changing the subject line and including in the body of the email your name and the word “available”.  If this job is not a good match for you, you may ignore the email with no need to reply.

If you are interested, we will submit your portfolio to the client. If the client shows interest in working with you, we will let you know. Models who are not selected will not be individually informed.

If you are successfully invited to model on an assignment, please recheck the parameters and confirm via email that you are all set for the booking by responding to the email with your name in the body of the email and the words “all set”. Again, do not change the subject line.

At the booking, please represent the agency with your professionalism. Failure to do so may affect your employability in the future with our company.

Begin by planning your transportation, giving yourself adequate time to arrive, park, and make it the casting with time to spare. Typical castings require that female models have their hair blown dry, their nails a professional, natural shade, and their foundation applied. If you are booked for a shoot, avoid wearing tight clothing that leaves marks on the skin. If you are booked for a runway, bring required shoes and undergarments. Specific requirements for each booking will be specified in the confirmation email, and questions are always welcome.


Depending on the client, you can expect payment to take 30 to 60 days from the day of the assignment; sometimes it’s more, and this is normal. Once we receive payment, we pay you immediately.

We use Venmo and personal cheques to pay our models. Please add Kelvin-Boon to your Venmo contact list if you are planning to use this mode of payment.


When you are selected for your first job, we will sign an agreement with you. The agreement is non-exclusive and at will, which means you can work with other agencies, and both parties can terminate the agreement at any time without explanation.


We work on a commission basis at the rate of 20%, which is typical in the industry. When we send you details of a job, it will be a total amount. Please note that you should deduct the commission and expenses (food, travel, etc.) to calculate your take-home before emailing back your availability for a   booking.


To avoid our emails falling into a spam folder, please add both our booking agent, Sara William’s email ([email protected]) and Kelvin’s ([email protected]) to your address list.


A strong portfolio is key to being booked and being successful as a working model. A typical portfolio that garners interest from clients includes looks from three different shoots. Your portfolio must be kept up to date, which typically means doing at least three shoots a year.

Please send us your professional photos in high quality format so that we can update your online portfolio on our website.  When you get the edited images back from a new shoot, send an email to Kelvin and Sarah with a link providing access to the images. Please do not email images to us as attachments. Upload them in Dropbox or Google Drive and then share the link with us.

If you do not have a professional portfolio, or you want to upgrade your portfolio, we routinely organize photoshoots that you may consider participating in. We usually shoot portfolio in batches of four models per shoot, which will include some individual shots and some shots with multiple models, as both are important in the creation of a robust portfolio.

If you are interested in a portfolio shoot with Boon, please register your name here

Important :

Please note that participating in a photoshoot with Boon is not mandatory to your employment with us and does not guarantee you work. Clients choose models based on their look, experience, and skills. We can’t influence them to pick any models.

Again, we are pleased that you are joining the Boon talent network, look forward to working with you, and wish you the best of luck as together we embark on this next stage of  your modeling career!