Victoria Beckham Proves the Critics Wrong Once Again

She’s the Spice Girl turned fashion mogul, turned credible high-end designer, who once upon a time, had to go a very long way to proving all of her critics wrong by launching a successful fashion line (highly acclaimed by A-listers and fashion editors alike). Oh yes, Victoria Beckham is back with a vengeance for the fashion week and my word, do I love to see her throw it in the face of all the haters out there.

Victoria Beckham’s individually crafted garments, hands down, get stronger each season and now it looks like she’s on the cusp of another incredibly successful collection: This week has seen her unveil her SS15 range from her ‘Victoria’, Victoria Beckham offshoot line and it is full to the brim with Bauhaus-inspired print shirts, playsuits and classic shift dresses. We just can’t wait to see it out on the streets of the city and you can bet your bottom dollar that all the major NYC modeling agencies are calling it in as we speak.

This new campaign was shot in a gym in New York and each item has been strategically crafted to flatter the female form, much in the style of other recent ‘fitness-related’ campaigns from Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel*.

The vibrant Japanese-inspired pieces, experimental in cut and texture, are a noticeable departure from the classic hushed tones of the dresses she launched her design career with. There is still a distinctive use of black, for which Victoria has become renowned, but with the addition of bright block color and patterns set against the playful textures of metallic fabrics and ruffled hems. Some of the collection even borders on ‘art deco’, placing eclectically placed multi-colored shapes on top of a white background, which all the cynics will have to admit is such a brave step away from Victoria’s comfort zone. These garments are also not tailored to within an inch of their lives as we have become so accustomed to as Victoria Beckham’s signature style. Basically, no one can accuse her of not taking risks with this offshoot collection and I for one certainly agree that it has paid off.

Another reason that modeling agencies in New York may be taking a strong note of this diffusion line is it’s bold youthful approach, which will no doubt make it a strong competitor for Topshop Unique and other brands aiming at the younger demographic of the high-end fashion spectrum. The focus on this demographic is becoming ever more apparent in many designer’s collections, with the fashion world finally realizing that these people are going to be responsible for the fashion and trends of the future. Tradition will only get you so far as Karl Lagerfeld has also so cleverly mastered by adding a new youthful dimension to Chanel’s classic tweed suit.

‘Victoria’, Victoria Beckham is described by VB’s publicists as “the playful younger sister to the style icon’s eponymous main line” and this is very much prominent in the new collection, with its looser lines and a fresher take on the trademark oversized fit. Watch this space haters, Victoria is certainly going to give you a run for your money.

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