Twelve Top Time-Saving Hairstyles

Twelve Top Time-Saving Hairstyles

With New York Fashion Week well and truly in motion (taking place form 12-19th February 2015) and so many shows to be watched and parties to be attended, it is always a welcome notion to be served some time-saving beauty tips to help free up some of our valuable time. Therefore, Boon Models (one of the top modeling agencies in Tampa, New York and Washington DC) have put together a list of sure-fire ways to keep looking your best without having to spend hours getting ready. You are welcome!

1. The Classic Messy Pony Tail

One of the most uniquely feminine, stylish ways to wear your hair. All you need to do is backcomb it a bit beforehand, add a little dry shampoo if you have some to hand and then whack it up with a hair elastic. If you want to add even more prettiness to the equation then you could even tie a ribbon the ponytail itself.

2. Basic Beach Waves

Simpler than you might think, all you need to do is plait individual sections of your hair and then run over them with a straightening iron. You’ll be surprised how well the waves hold but make sure you add some hair spray afterwards, or even better, sea salt spray, for a more natural look.

3. The Top Knot

Literally just a case of gathering your hair all in one in your hand, twisting around and bringing it to the top of the head before curling into a bun. The joy of this look is that the messier it looks the better so don’t be afraid of any lumps and bumps that appear.

4. Utilize the Bangs

By this, we mean that if you don’t have the time to dedicate to your overall hair then how about twisting the fringe and pinning in the centre of the scalp. Make sure you start with a center-parting to make this a whole lot easier on yourself.

5. The Side Fishtail Braid

The fishtail plait (or braid) has made a comeback in recent years and is especially popular for stylish young businesswomen. This is mainly due to the fact that it looks remarkably good with a tailored blazer but your options are pretty much endless. It also looks oh-so-chic in the summertime with a tea dress or midi-skirt. Or maybe even just a t-shirt and denim shorts.

6. The Low Braid Bun

Such a great hairstyle if you’re looking for maximum impact with minimal effort. All you need to do is tie your hair up in a very low center ponytail. Then fold the ponytail in on itself and pin up the rest of the hair so that you can’t see any strands hanging down. This style also transcends perfectly from day to night, so takes the heat off worrying about your evening attire.

7. Add a scarf to the mix

This is actually as easy as it sounds. Even if you want to leave your hair down then wrap a thin scarf around your head, tying a bow underneath the hair so the ends are not visible. Otherwise you can experiment a bit further by tying the bow at the top of the head, in a 1940s ‘off-duty burlesque’ style.

8. The Beehive

Be ready to do a bit of backcombing here with this super stylish 60s classic. First of all take a center section of hair from the top of the head and twist around before pinning underneath so that you can’t see the strands of hair. Follow in a similar style as you work your way down the back of the head. This sounds much more complicated than it is but once finished makes for a great evening up-do.

9. The Side Bun

This style adds more of a dramatic twist so be prepared to rock it with a super-stylish outfit. You should start by tying your hair in a ponytail behind one of your ears and then tying your hair in a loose knot. Before you pull tightly add some bobby pins to the edges of the bun so that you’re left with a great texture and size. Hair spray is a definite must for this too, so have it out ready to go before you start styling.

10. Dramatic Side Pony Tail

Perhaps a more modern take on the classic ponytail, the messy side pony is just as easy to achieve and adds a bit more of a dramatic ‘edge’ to the look. You’re going to need to have your best comb or tangle-teezer at the ready for this because the key to the drama is in the backcombing. As we said earlier dry shampoo really helps to add the volume and hold the style so be sure to have this ready to go. Then once you’ve achieved your desired volume gather your hair to the side and tie up with your hair elastic.

11. Style up the Bobby Pins

It’s becoming more and more common to see people making the most of their bobby pins and creating various shapes and textures to make them a focal point. One of the most popular examples of this is the ‘bobby pin triangle’, where you simply gather the top section of the hair and pin it down using three pins and strategically placing them in a triangular shape.

12. The Alice Band

Alongside her amazing preppy style, any of you Gossip Girl fans out there would have been in awe of Blair Waldorf’s hair looking flawless at all times. She was certainly clever about this though seeing as it would have only taken a couple of minutes to strategically place her ‘Alice band’ over her well groomed locks, thus topping off the preppy persona. This really is as simple as it sounds and if you’re feeling daring you can even opt for an embellished headband, which is a style gaining increasing popularity at fashion weeks worldwide.

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