Trends to look out for this Season

It can’t have escaped your notice that we are in the midst of the calm before a very big storm. That’s right, you guessed it, that exciting inimitable storm that is fast approaching is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Here at Boon Models, we take great pride in the fact that some of our best talent will be taking to the catwalks, along with that of some of the key NYC modeling agencies, not to mention other supermodels from across the globe.

But what are we to do in this interim before the countdown starts? It isn’t only the models and designers that have to be on top of things, that’s for sure. The rest of us also have to make sure we’re looking our best all the way from agents to make-up artists to stylists to photographers. Even if you’re purely a spectator, with speculative photographers perched around every corner ready to snap the latest trends, anyone is a target. Therefore, we have taken the time to put together for you a little breakdown of some of the key 2015 trends that you might want to think about incorporating into your outfits:

1. Flower Power

As we’ve already stated previously, modern florals are a must for 2015. Spring is in full swing and hence the patterns on the catwalk have followed suit. But not just any florals… These are bright, color-popping, vibrant bursts of floral mayhem making their way on to everything from the traditional summer dress to high wedge heels and handbags.

2. 70s ‘Jetset Cool’

As previously stated in our article A ‘How-To’ Guide for Modern Florals*, the 70s are very prominent in many designer collections such as that of Louis Vuitton and Gucci. To simplify the term ‘jetset cool’ just picture a whole lot of suede, gigantic round Victoria Beckham-style sunglasses and of course the inevitable flared trousers or jeans. Envisaging Charlie’s Angels and Studio 54 is definitely a good place to start if you’re running low on ideas.

3. Rock Star Chic

The ankle boot has never been more prominent in the fashion world than it is at the moment. Tommy Hilfiger have taken this one step further by adding metallic stars to their boot collection in altogether David Bowie mix of rock star chic. To take this to the next level, definitely think about reviving you leather jackets, especially if they are tailored or smart.

4. Suit Up

By this we mean bust out the uniform because Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs have made it very clear that there is a military discipline underlying the SS15 trends. It doesn’t have to be simple – D&G never are – but it definitely has to match. If you want to take this even further and invest in some long tailored shorts, paired with a military jacket, we very much salute you.

5. Classic Denim

There has never been a better time to invest in a great pair of jeans. With denim taking over our everyday fashion needs – with an added 90s twist** – you’ll be happy to know that designers (along with the rest of us here at the key New York modeling agencies are placing their trust in denim for daytime and evening looks.

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