Top Fashion Trends in 2016

As we all know fashion trends come and go and the same pattern was seen during 2016. In this piece I will be talking a bit about the hottest fashion trends that 2016 brought.

  • It seems that street style had really taken over as the go-to style for many. Pull on anything ‘streety’ but do not forget the bag to match. From denim cutoff shorts and miniskirts to excessively long sleeves that will ensure you have a snack for the road if you happened to wear it at the dinner table.
  • Dresses consisting of multiple layers also made its debut with simple slip on dresses that were worn over shirts. These shirts ranged from v-necks to polo necks, short sleeved to super long sleeved and more layers could be added with button downs or even different dresses of different volumes over one another.
  • Velvet has also made huge waves again as a fabric of choice and it seemed to be especially striking when it came in jewel tones (think ruby red and emerald green). The richness of it resulted in a very comfy looking fall.
  • Apart from the fact that sleeves were worn extra-long, they also took on a wider shape with billowing excesses of fabric draping from slender and chunkier arms alike. This one seemed to be one of the favorites among the ladies.
  • When it came to a real laid back style, the basic tee took the stage with anything from plain to branded with names or a vintage design printed on. This basically gave a voice to those it was worn by who wanted to pay tribute to an idol or just liked what they saw. This was the most dressed down trend this year but I believe that this timeless classic will always be on trend due to the sheer ease and comfort of it.
  • Ruffles adorned anything from blouses and dresses to jerseys and jackets. This type of accent added a bit of femininity and charm to an otherwise drab garment.
  • During fall everybody grabbed for the nearest pinstripes and later in the year Oxford stripes became the in-thing with myriads of street stylers mixing and matching it with an array of different prints and styles. This resulted in a huge variety of personalities being displayed in just this manner.

The year saw a lot of Baha pullovers, batik, straight legged jeans, bucket hats, loose hanging fabric and even tie-dye for Spring.

For the guys the focus fell on suits made from Chinese printed fabrics, silk shirts and pajama bottoms. Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton all incorporated intricate Chinese prints into bomber and baseball jackets which was the most wearable way these prints were used in. Knee-length shorts were at the order of the day. The slim tailored shorts were turned up at the bottom or they were made from fabrics like silk, further accentuating the Chinese influence on men’s wear this year. Keep an eye on to see which trends are to follow as they are in the know with what is hot.

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