Tips To Getting Rid of Dry Skin

The skin of your face is regarded as the most sensitive part of your body. This is one part that does require an ultimate care cause it defines our outer personalities to the whole world. Having a dry skin is one of the nightmares that any person wishes it should not befall him, and this normally occurs during the cold winter. This season does not only make your skin dry, but it also makes your skin itchy and flake. That is why today from Boon Models we are going to give you the incredible tips that will get rid of Dryness thus living your Skin Glow. Here are the incredible tips to get rid of the Dry Skin.

  • Moisturize your Skin Frequently.

When it is dry, it is very vital for you to moisturize your skin frequently rather than doing that just once. That is why it is very vital to place a moisturizer in a strategic position that will enable you to remember it frequently. A facial moisturizer is usually applied on the face while on the hands you can always apply the hand and body cream.

  • Change the Products that you have been using.

It is usually advised that you change the skin products that you have been using depending on the season that you are in. For instance, during the colder month, it is advised that you go for products that are richer in moisture. In case you have a combination skin then it is very important that you apply lighter moisturizer on the skin parts that are oily.

  • Always Moisturize your Skin when it is damp.

This is one of the critical tips that one really ought to consider especially when moisturizing your skin. Moisturizing your skin when it is damp that is after washing your face allows your skin to absorb all the moisture that you have applied. In case your skin remains dry then you have to apply for the second layer of moisture.

  • Make use of the mild, warm water instead if hot water.

Warm water plays a critical role when it comes to relaxing your pores and thus it makes it easier for one to wash your face. If you have got dry skin, then it is quite imperative that you keep away from hot water. In case you need to use hot water then it is advised that you rinse your skin with cold water immediately.

  • Use Mild Facial Cleanser

Always go for the non-soap cleanser or non-sudsy cleansers because most of the soap cleansers contain sodium lauryl sulfate which gets rid of moisture from your skin. You also need to avoid cleansers that have got fragrances since they usually have alcohol which has astringent properties and they usually dry out your skin. You also need to go for cleansers that have ceramides since this will help you retain more moisture.

  • Pat your Skin Dry.

Most people have been doing this wrong by rubbing their skin to dryness using the towels. It is recommended to always pat your skin to dryness so as to minimize potential irritation.

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