Tips for Flatter Stomach

These tips are for those among us who want to get the results without actually having to kill ourselves in the process. They are simple little changes you can work into your everyday lives to get rid of some of the flab around the mid-section. will suggest adding exercise too and rightly so.

  • Bread is known as a great source of empty calories that doesn’t do anything for your weight loss efforts. That is until you toast it. Suddenly its GI is dramatically lowered. In addition, if you freeze it before toasting it the glucose absorbed is much less than simply toasting it.


  • The following egg sandwich will help you stay fuller and help your metabolism along. Firstly cook the egg correctly. On a low heat keep stirring the egg to a soft fluff and if you prefer it baked do so in olive oil over medium heat. Keep it on until the white is done. Add some sauce to moisten it up, something like hot sauce or salsa. Add a whole lot of veggies. Things like roasted peppers, arugula and avo adds nutrients while each adding a unique taste to your perfect sandwich.


  • Add a variety of frozen fruits to your smoothies. Because of the fact that frozen produce are picked earlier than its fresh counterpart it is packed with more nutrients as is often the case with younger fruits.


  • Tea has been praised for an array of reasons and its positive effects are magnified when you pop it into the microwave for about a minute before enjoying it. The beneficial components in tea are called catechins and if you nuke it for a while before drinking this becomes 20% more available in the drink.


  • When the pasta craving takes hold of you, go ahead, enjoy it. The trick here is to keep the actual pasta serving less and increasing the sauce. You will fill up, take care of your craving and get the benefits of everything you used in the sauce.


  • You can still enjoy a serving of rice every now and again by cooking it for around 40 minutes in water with a teaspoon of oil. Take the cooked rice and refrigerate for twelve hours. This could reduce calories by up to 60% and reheating it doesn’t reverse the effect.


  • When purchasing sauces and salsas be sure to get the hot kind. Chili peppers contain capsaicin that aids in burning fat. It also gets you to sweat which helps rid the body of excess fluids.


  • Before toasting your burgers on the coals you need to marinade it for four hours in your choice of beer (non-alcoholic works too) or red wine. This helps reduce PAHs which is known for being carcinogens and endocrine disruptors that is linked to obesity. The drinks form a barrier between the meat and PAHs.


  • Instead of using maple syrup (which is all just corn syrup anyway) on your pancakes rather simmer a bunch of frozen berries with half a cup of water and quarter cup of sugar for about ten minutes to form a delicious replacement.

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