The Rise of the ‘It-Model’

In case you hadn’t realized, it is the dawning of a new era in the fashion world. In fact, it might be more accurately described as a rebirth. The rebirth of the ‘It-Model’.

Gone are the days when the world’s major fashion houses had full reign over their shows and it was all about the designers and their clothes. Oh no, we are living in a time where Cara Delevingne can be seen walking the catwalk taking selfies on her cell phone (Giles Deacon AW14), Kendall Jenner is leading an army of Dolce & Gabbana-clad models down the runway, and Giselle, Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger can even be found commanding a full on feminist riot (Chanel SS15). In short, the model’s are pretty much running the show now and we all need to take note. The modeling agencies in NYC, Paris and other key fashion cities certainly have and they will all be constantly on the lookout for the next big names.

That isn’t necessarily to say this is the first time models have been considered famous. When you look back at the 80s when Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer were first making their way on to the scene, it is definitely fair to say that people took note in a way they hadn’t done before. Not only did these women make products fly off the shelf, but their unprecedented beauty also stood out so much more than just the clothes they wore. All of a sudden, it was about them and their lives, not just “who are you wearing?”

Then came the 90s, when household names such as Tyra Banks, Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell took to the limelight in a way that was even more unpredictable. Suddenly these women were on the front of every newspaper and magazine in the country and on the arm of every Hollywood A-List actor. You must remember Kate Moss and Johnny Depp, right? Now that was a power couple.

But now things are changing again. Not only are models of the moment such as Cara Delevingne, Kendal Jenner and Rosie Huntington Whiteley seen at every party and still found on the front page of every magazine, but they are also proving to have more of an influence on the world than the fashion designers themselves. They are infiltrating every aspect of our lives, even taking on movie and television roles. And with the rise in social media websites such as Instagram and Twitter, it couldn’t have happened at a better time. These girls know exactly what they’re doing when they’re taking their goofy selfies and making the rest of the world think ‘ah she must be fun to hang out with’. There would have been a time when models weren’t allowed their cell phones backstage during fashion week but it is no coincidence that they’ll now be glued to them the whole time. This is all part of their job now – reaching as many of their millions of followers as possible and keeping them hooked.

So what next? I hear you ask. It really is hard to say when things are happening so quickly, but with modeling agencies in DC, New York and California all on the look out for the next edgy ‘girl next door’ model, you could easily be standing next to her right now or even be looking at her in the mirror.

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