The New Art of Facial Contouring

It might not have always been the case but in this day and age make-up artists across the globe consider the art of contouring one of their most valued assets. Unlike days gone by, when evenly toned flawless skin was the stuff that dreams are made of, nowadays make-artists have learnt that they can sculpt the look of a model’s entire face with their trusty weapon – the contour palette. Whether it is wider eyes, a chiselled cheek or jaw line or even a more sculpted nose, these are all things that are achievable now without needing to Photoshop a single thing.

So here at, one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in New York we have decided to give you a breakdown of all the basics so that you can learn to sculpt those cheekbones in a way you’d never dreamed of before. Happy contouring guys!

  1. Pick your shades carefully

When it comes to the art of contouring, it is best to learn straight away that dark and light shades are both essential, but for very different reasons.

Darker brown matte shades are most effective for absorbing the light (in areas such as the nose and lower cheeks) so utilize these in areas you want to diminish.

Then the medium/lighter golden shades come into play on areas you want draw attention to (like the tip of the cheekbones), henceforth reflecting the light.

  1. Invest in the right equipment

The experts would definitely advise you to invest in a contouring kit but if you’d rather buy the shades separately then a blusher or kabuki brush is highly recommended. Basically, any brush that has definition and can glide across the skin easily.

  1. The Cheeks

In order to achieve a sculpted model-style cheekbone, make sure you start with your chosen dark shade, bringing your brush diagonally from the top of the cheekbone down towards the jaw line. Then choose a more medium tone to gently dust the apples of the cheek. Finally, top this off with a light shimmery golden color on the top line of the cheekbone. You should see the difference immediately.

  1. The Nose

Firstly, take your brush and chosen darker shade and dust the sides of your nose, adding the slimming illusion of depth. Then take your lighter shimmer and sweep it evenly over the bridge of the nose.

  1. Finishing touches

To reinforce your look, you should never forget to add a bit of pink blush to the apples of your cheeks (adding a further dimension to the shape). Also, don’t be afraid to take your medium shade and dust the jawline, forehead and chin very gently to add a completely defined shape.

For those of you who are very particular about the contours of your face, you’re likely to see a difference immediately. But once you’ve got the hang of it after a few practices, why not play around with different amounts of powder to see what illusions you can develop? One thing’s for sure, contouring can be pretty addictive.

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