The Most Expensive ‘Rubbish’ Fashion

Could it be? The Fashion World has finally decided to take recycling to the next level? Well, maybe not entirely but there is certainly one designer out there who is paving the way for the rest of us, and her name is Kristen Alyce. With her new venture ‘Garbage Gone Glam’, Kristen has set about hand-crafting individual garments from recycled items such as playing cards, used drink cartons, old flyers and unwanted concert tickets.

Seeing as Kristen in based in Florida and New York, we here at Boon Models (one of the top up and coming NYC, DC and Tampa modeling agencies) have been following her work for some time and couldn’t be more supportive of her innovative approach to fashion, united with a heartfelt urge to protect the environment. Consequently, she has no qualms about sharing how many customers she has queuing up to get their hand on these individually designed – sometimes bespoke – creations. It is all in the name of spreading the good message: ‘we need to look out for our planet’.

At the tender age of 28 years old, Kristen is still at the beginning of her burgeoning fashion career, which is yet another reason to take inspiration from her. Furthermore, she recently explained that the inspiration behind her ‘Garbage Gone Glam’ project was her frustration at producing so much non-perishable waste at college and having no creative outlet in which to place it:

“I realized as a college student living with three girls we created so much waste it was incredible. So I started saving the mass amounts of plastic bags, magazines, boxes and packaging we went through on a daily basis (…) I created the first dress – mainly for fun to test my creativity – out of plastic bags and rolled magazines. ‘People loved it so after years of production assisting and watching shows from the side-lines I created 12 dresses.” (Kristen Alyce – February 2015)

Having worked behind the scenes at Couture Fashion Week in New York whilst she was at college, Kristen owes her success to witnessing first-hand just how much of an influential tool fashion can be for spreading awareness. And now that she is an established designer in her own right, her star talent is really starting to rise and has this week seen her launch a set of imagery depicting all the different styles of dress that can be ordered from ‘Garbage Gone Glam’.

The first of these images depicts a group of four girls walking along the sidewalk in New York – much in the style of Sex and the City – but with the added twist that the first is wearing a dress made from Tropicana wrappers, the second and third wearing dresses made from used magazines and flyers and the last one (my particular favourite) made completely from candy wrappers.

But can these remarkable works of ‘recycled fashion art’ actually last? Apparently so. According to Kristen the gowns can be worn for many occasions and kept in tact quite easily with the right care and attention. So what is there to stop us? Well, there is the price to consider with the cheapest costing $500 but we are sure that with time this is going to hit the mainstream so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

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