The Lesser-Known Benefits of Adding More Herbs to Your Diet

It’s always been a well-known fact of life that herbal remedies can work wonders for our health and well being. Health food stores, especially Chinese herbal stockists, have already made us well aware that there is a plethora of opportunity to improve our health waiting on their shelves. But instead of spending a fortune on obscure products, perhaps there is an answer waiting closer than we think, in the comfort of our own food cupboards.

Always fans of a healthy approach to lifestyle, Boon Models (one of the most prominent up and coming NYC modeling agencies) have put together for you a list of some of the herbs out there, that you might not have expected can be your new health saviors:

Ginger to settle your stomach

Not only does ginger help ease the symptoms of nausea and digestive issues, but it actually makes your body sweat from the inside out, which sounds horrible but is actually ridding you of all the nasty toxins. This in turn leaves us feeling less bloated and in an altogether better mood.

Sage to help you remember…

That’s right, sage aiding your memory isn’t actually a myth. It is totally true according to scientific research and makes a very tasty addition to cooked meals, so be sure to sprinkle some on your next Sunday dinner.

Turmeric for joint pain

Traditionally an Indian spice added to many foods, turmeric actually possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that assist with joint and muscle pain. This herb is best served in curries and Asian delicacies but you can even just add some to plain rice to get the nutrients in there and add a golden yellow color to your meal.

Cinnamon to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels

Cinnamon is a common addition to coffee, porridge and many different kinds of dessert but did you know it can also be used as a great regulator for our sweet tooth? The scientific show that cinnamon can lower blood lipid levels and pretty much even out the levels of sugar and fat in our system, so don’t be afraid to add a generous helping to anything you think it would suit. Why not try seasoning dark meat’s with it? Trust us, it’s worth a try.

Cayenne Pepper to help your digestion

Most of us love adding pepper to our meals but were you aware that it can considerably boost your metabolism? Therefore, if you can add it to your lunch before working out it can have significant benefits and has also on occasion been seen to lower blood pressure.

Mustard Plant for Asthma sufferers

Containing notable amount of magnesium and selenium, mustard is a lesser know miracle addition to our meals – especially for asthma sufferers wherein it can alleviate associated symptoms. Some people even claim that it can lower your risk of cancer but without enough scientific background the jury is still out on that one. Either way, if you are a mustard fan this is good news.

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