The Latest Craze to Hit the Healthcare and Beauty World… The Potato

Oh how we love a healthcare and beauty revelation here at Boon Models (one of the top NYC modeling agencies of the moment). Therefore, when we heard that the potato was next on the list of miracle health and beauty ingredients we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Low and behold, here are just a few of the new ways that have been thrown into the mainstream media over the past few weeks about how to utilize this marvelous ground-dwelling vegetable…

1. Juice it up

Yes you heard that right. The innovators in the health and beauty industry are now telling us to put our potatoes in the blender and juice them up. Although we’ve yet to try this, even we’ve got to admit it doesn’t sound that appetizing. However, if you’re willing to brave it then, along with containing all of our favorite antixodants that work wonders on our bodies, your skin will also apparently start to feel the benefits. According to researchers, if you take potatoes into your body in juice form then the fluids can have significant effects for plumping and firming your skin.

2. Zap away pimples

Apparently potatoes – especially in juice form – can be help to reduce inflammation of the skin. This helps with many of our main skincare issues such as pimples, redness and even bruising. But yet again there is the issue of having to knock back a load of pure potato juice. If you’re feeling less brave then you can always boil them and serve with some healthy oily fish.

3. Potato Face Masks

Another surprising suggestion from our health and beauty experts, is to make a potato face mask that can apparently slow down the ageing process, especially around our eyes. They suggest mashing up some potatoes and then adding a little lemon before you spread your face like a normal mask and leave for ten minutes. Just maybe don’t invite any friends round that might walk in on you doing this because we’ll be the first to admit it looks a little weird…

4. Make use of the peel

Certainly a great suggestion for making use of leftover potato peel, the experts suggest that if you boil up five potatoes worth of peel and then pour the murky boiled water over your hair in the shower… Yeah we had that reaction too… then it can significantly decrease the chances of developing grey hairs. As you can see this is not one for the faint hearted and even though many people have reported this working it is a hell of a lot to go through in the name of beauty. Hair dye is still an option, remember.

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