The Immeasurable Goodness of Aloe Vera

Always fans of a health and beauty craze, here at Boon Models (one of the top emerging modeling agencies in Tampa, Washington DC and New York) we’ll be the first to admit that some sensations are harder to buy into than others – despite the fact that we always use a considerable amount of research to back up our features. However, in the instance of aloe vera it shouldn’t be too difficult to believe that it can be a miracle ingredient in more ways than one, especially due to its reputation for healing and soothing the skin. But were you aware just how many different ways that aloe vera (in particular the Aloe Barbadensis Miller strain) can be benefiting for you? Our resident expert Natasha Elhaj of Forever Living is here to enlighten us on the different ways we could be utilizing this magical plant.


Aloe Vera Gel

This might sound like a product meant for your skin but it is actually designed to be consumed in small amounts every morning, in order to promote a healthy digestive system. In the condensed form of the gel, this miracle beverage actually contains over 200 nourishing compounds and pretty much epitomises the best way you can be starting your day.

Aloe Vera Body Toner           

Also utilizing the aloe plant in gel form, it has actually been stated that aloe vera can tighten and firm your body by incorporating a deep-heating formula. Forever Living also specifically advocate that using cellophane wraps over the top of the toner can help you define your shape even more effectively.**

Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner         

Due to its widely recognized ability to preserve moisture – from the plant itself uniquely surviving the perils of desert terrain – it makes sense that aloe vera would be a great ingredient to add to your shampoos and conditioners. Especially in the cold weather when our hair is exposed to the elements, moisture preservation is absolutely key.

Aloe Vera Tooth Gel

That’s right, the aloe plant can also be incredibly beneficial for your teeth, with it’s unique cleaning capabilities and the ability to make them seem ‘shinier’. This is all the more effective when paired with magical ingredient bee propolis, which is actually used by bees to clean their hives.

Aloe Vera Detergent        

Leading on from possessing the ability to clean our bodies, it makes sense that aloe can actually clean our clothes too. Not only this, but it’s gentle formula will actually protect clothes from the damaging effects of washing that some other chemical-based detergents can cause.

Aloe Vera Make-up

It was only a matter of time before aloe made it’s way onto the ingredient list of a wide variety of cosmetics, not least because of its natural restorative qualities that hold the make-up in place whilst also protecting the skin.

So there you have it, Aloe Vera is pretty much taking over the world, and it’s really not hard to see why. After all, keeping things natural is always a nice option to have when our bodies are unwittingly exposed to so many chemicals on a daily basis. So remember, you heard it here first: Aloe Vera is where the future of body, health and skincare lies.

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