The Best Ways to Apply Fake Tan

Finally, we can officially say it’s springtime, and that means looking forward to the summer and finally some warmth greeting us here in the city. Ok, so we’re not quite there yet but now is definitely the time to be making plans. Whether this involves booking your vacation or even just planning some super cool summer outfits, there is pretty much a reason for all of us to perk up. And one of the things that we here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming NYC modeling agencies) get incredibly excited about is the prospect of adding some color to our pale complexions, which we’ve been hiding for most of winter. This definitely doesn’t mean that we need to book ourselves a getaway in the sun. Oh no, with the amazing developments in fake tan that have taken place over the years there really isn’t any need at all. And what’s more, it is actually a lot less damaging to your skin so a win/win situation in our opinion.


The only thing that seems to put people off fake-tanning is the horror stories attached to the application process and tales of crazy tan-lines and uneven tones. But trust us, it really doesn’t have to be this scary. In fact, if you follow some of our tips you’ll have it pegged in no time. So get reading and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off a beach…

Tip #1 – Moisturize

We don’t just mean moisturizing before you apply the fake tan – which you must do. We mean moisturize, period. Your skin needs to be at its absolute best to get the most of fake tan and dry patches really won’t cut it. So now is the time to invest in a great body lotion if you haven’t got one already. Also, you must definitely not neglect the elbows and kneecaps or this could cause you considerable problems later on.

Tip #2 – Exfoliate

As we said before this does not mean exfoliating just before you apply, this simply won’t work. You need to adopt exfoliating (either with a body scrub or body brush that you can purchase from your local drug store) approximately once a week. You should also try and leave one day between exfoliating and applying your fake tan so that the skin has a chance to adjust.

Tip #3 – Invest in a pair of gloves

Latex gloves are a great suggestion because they will prevent the dead-set giveaway that your tan isn’t real: orange hands!

Tip #4 – Buff it Up

Body buffers are an essential for fake tanning and are used by professionals across the globe in order to ensure a smooth and even application. If you can get hold of a ‘buffing glove’ that combines the two essentials then you’re making your life a whole lot easier.

Tip #5 – Wear loose clothes

 You need to give the tan time to set so find your most comfortable loose outfit with minimal pulling on the body and keep it on for at least 4 hours.

Tip #6 – Don’t panic

If things go wrong then don’t fret, there is now an answer thanks to the guys at world-renonwned tanning company St Tropez which is called a ‘self-tan remover’. Basically this is a magical eraser that gives us all the freedom to relax a bit more and start over if we go wrong. Phew!

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