The Best Shoe Trends for Spring 2017

Accessorizing is an absolute must do for those who consider themselves fashionistas and shoes are just one of the things that has to bring it. So you are a fashionista and you want to know what to expect from this coming spring. In this article I will give you a few insights on what to expect to get you ahead of the times.

  • Block heels are leaving their mark quite clearly, regardless of the height of this heel. They can be on a pump-like shoe or on a sandal, the point is they are comfortable and they are in style. Two phrases we love when used in one sentence.
  • Another convenient must have is the platform. It can be a sandal or peep toe, it is still considered on trend and had proven itself to be quite timeless.
  • Easy wearing slip-ons are (thank goodness) another comfy and convenient option that is considered on trend for spring 2017. The blingy versions out there can go from day- to nightwear in a flash and the wearer will still look amazing (while remaining quite comfy). They come in cute pumps, one that resembles a sport shoe and more dressy versions too to make sure you have a comfy option for absolutely any occasion.
  • Believe it or not – flats. Yes, our absolute favorite go-to ‘relaxing stroll’ shoes are now in fashion. These were the shoes that we wore to the park for a leisurely stroll but that was quickly shoved under the bushes the minute we could find a suitable seat if someone we knew passed by. Now they are out and about and we can actually be seen in them. The fact is they have always been cute but not often were they considered fashionable.
  • My absolute favorite and an old catwalk star that is right back on trend (was it ever not), the wedge. A stunning shoe that is responsible for the cute swagger the wearer develops the minute she steps into them, these cuties come in a huge variety of styles to make any outfit shine. They come in a bit of a flatter shoe for those who prefer it but they are truly beautiful with a higher heel.
  • The stiletto heel is also not going anywhere anytime soon and one has to admit, even if they are torture on the best of days they are simply gorgeous. The variety of styles and color ensure that there is a high heel fit for any occasion to match any outfit imaginable.

We have prayed and the trend spirits paid heed. We are getting exactly what we want as the fashion world starts to realize that looking good shouldn’t have to be all pain. At last the focus has shifted to pretty yet comfortable but those lovely heels are still an option too. The only thing is, now we can wear our walking shoes and not just carry it around in our handbags until we dare put them on. When you join Boon Models you will always be up to speed with what the fashion world loves at any point in time.

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