The Best Outfits for Models

When it comes to taking pictures for your modeling portfolio there needs to be a lot of attention paid to things like hair, make-up and the perfect outfits. It is recommended that hair and make-up are kept simple so that the client can see what the model truly has to offer but you cannot go mad with your outfits either. You are facing a problem where there are so many beautiful, glamorous or simply chic pieces to choose from and choosing just a few is hard, especially when you are forced to be a plain Jane. The thing of it is that you are looking for simplistic. You need to buy cheaply. Yes, we all want to look fabulous in our shoots but you will be amazed at the expensive looking, stunning pieces you’ll be able to find at cheap shops, pieces that won’t overpower you and this is common knowledge to the experts you’ll be training with at Boon Models.

The General Idea

If you are thinking of becoming a commercial model you need to remember that your clothing is basically your character. It just has to make your role shine, in a manner of speaking. Your portfolio is meant to advertise you, not the clothes you are wearing and even though it may be tempting to dress to impress, you have failed if people comment on the clothing rather than you. For purposes of commercial portfolio shooting you need to avoid patterns and floral prints. Rather opt for something in a solid color. Make use of well-fitting clothes to ensure that you look great. You may like how tight clothes feel on your body but it may not make you look your best. Stay away from overly fashionable or trendy clothing. The focus should be on your ability to be a real life good-looking person. Maintain a range of color and styles throughout your portfolio. The person looking at your portfolio should be unable to tell that you have a favorite style or color by what they see. Omit all kinds of jewelry. It only serves to distract from you, the real product.

Specifically for Headshots

When doing the headshots, rather opt for earthy and warm tones as opposed to pastels and whites. You need to vary your necklines if you are shooting in more than one top but try to avoid v-necks if your photographer isn’t extremely talented at doing it properly. The top you wear needs to have shoulders. Never be shot in tank tops, spaghetti straps or tops without sleeves. Textured fabrics are excellent for headshots. Use ribbed or knit materials. Sweaters work great too.

Failing to Plan…

A shoot needs to be planned and if it is done properly you’ll start with an idea and then build around that idea to come up with a final concept of what you are after. Your outfits need to fall in with these ideas. Always remember that your outfits are just a costume to show those looking at it what you are capable of. They are there to bring out your character not take over your show.

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