The Best Make up Trends for Spring 2017

We all reach a time in our lives where we attempt to be on trend and when it comes to makeup I personally have seen some true tragedies in both color and application. All in the name of being beautiful. The trends I will be sharing here come directly from the runways. It seems that the 80s are back in full glory. Dashes and splashes of outrageous color, the drama of rouge and shimmer that creates whimsy are just some of the looks that take center stage.

Glittery lips in a variety of shades are one of the most dominant choices in makeup. Even cuticles are being blingified for a look that resembles jewelry. Loud and proud colors like lilac, blue and coral splashes facial contours. Draping, a technique that results in blush being blended high along the cheekbones and on the outsides of your eyes is also back with a bang. The wing shapes around the eyes that run into the hairline is back again. Gleams on the eyelids is also very hot right now. It is felt that a high level of appeal is attained with lips and eyes all agleam and that skin with a glow achieves the same.

Dark wine colors and taupe on lids are a real attention grabber and works well with many skin tones. This glossy look is taking off with a vengeance and it has given rise to a product called eye gloss. Similar to the lip variant this product gives a tinge of color with a whole lot of glow. The marbly, wet effect seems to be on the way to become all the rage and time will tell how long this will last.

This trend was taken to an extreme by Hood By Air when they Vaseline’d the forehead and hair of their model. This gets one wondering just how far this trend will go. It doesn’t seem very practical as anyone that knows petroleum jelly and anything that lends that kind of gloss will tell you. It is sticky and on a windy day you may have to remove an array of things from the area these glosses are applied but to each his own, I guess.

Lipsticks can be used as blush to get the glossy effect while achieving the color of your choice. Bright strokes of varied colors are also seen widely. Blocks of a graphic kind with an array of bright colors adorn the eyes. Huge areas of eye are covered in vibrant colors like blue, green and violet. Mandarin orange and cherry red are also widely used. Even rainbow eyes seems to be about to become very popular. Fluorescents also have their place in these trends and they came out in all their pink, red and orange glory in lipstick shades.

Whichever trend you may decide to follow, be sure to apply your makeup to a flawless complexion. This along with well-groomed brows will create the best canvas for your facial artwork.

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