The Best Holiday Nail Polishes

In this time of festivity we are all wondering about what to wear but no outfit is complete without the perfect shade and design on your nails. Yip, it is not just in the color, the designs also need to make an impact and with nail art getting bolder and more intricate every day you need to know what you are doing or get a nail genius to do it for you like they do at Boon Models. To give you a heads up glitter, metallic and everything red is about to take the world by storm. Holographic top coats give a ‘paintjob’ an entirely new look that is sure to impress.

One of the more elaborate options available is gold flakes in the polish or even gold infusions. This is for those among us that are after the more decadent or rich (moneywise) feel. The nail polish shades and insets can be considered quite vibrant but it fits in amazingly with the clothing trends right now that also include bling and red.

If you are a girl that likes the attention focused securely on her you can go for the brighter shades like tangerine, canary yellow, Barbie’s hot pink and even lemon. These colors are ideal for the Lady that loves everything over the top.

Lilac and light turquoise is also coming up on the fashion stats chart and it is ideal for those ladies who prefer it a bit more ladylike.

If you do not appreciate nails that scream to be noticed just getting a mani and pedi in naturals and nudes could do the trick. Without any metallic or glitter (or gold) you can let your nails shine subtly. Going natural is just as popular as going extremely bold and it is great for the type of lady that likes it toned down.

Gel effect nails can now be yours without using a UV lamp. The smoothness and durability can now be found in a bottle if you get the right kind. This may mean that you have to apply a few coats but the end result will be more than worth the time spent. Another option that is completely on trend too is a matte finish. Shine is not the only pretty in the world of nails these days.

Specialty finishes (like the holographic top coat mentioned before) are making huge waves right now but many ladies are scared of trying them because they feel it is too hip for certain ages. To these ladies I just want to say that the holidays are the perfect time to try them out to see if they suit you and your style.

Once you have decided on the color you can start choosing the art to go on it but it is only needed if you feel that it is, if you want a bit of detail on your already stunning claws. A little jewel or even a nail sticker can make the world of difference.

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