The Best Foods to Eat After You’ve Hit the Gym

In the wake of our last feature: ‘The Best Foods to Eat Before Hitting the Gym’, here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in New York), we thought we’d flip this issue on its head and let you know a bit more about the best options you have for what you should eat when you’ve just finished your workout.

Therefore, Boon Models are proud to announce ‘The Fixers’ i.e. the foods that will help you build upon the hard work that you’ve already put into your workout. As we said before, you can thank us later.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

These miracle vegetables are a favorite amongst those keeping an eye on their diets. Not only do they taste delicious made into fries or wedges, but they also help to restore glycogen levels, which can be so easily lowered when you work out.

  1. Salmon

 One of life’s precious gifts to us; salmon is world-renowned for its restorative qualities and high levels of omega 3 fatty acids that aid brain development. In terms of working out, it contains ‘bioactive peptides’ which help to lower the risk of problems occurring in your joints.

  1. Blueberries

 Considered across the world as a ‘superfood’, it isn’t hard to see why blueberries are so well loved in the health and fitness community. Despite their adorably sweet taste, they actually don’t cause an intense spike in your blood sugar, which is real a problem for people who eat a lot of refined white sugar. They also have great healing qualities that work away at your system keeping it at its best.

  1. Chia Seeds

 Perhaps these sound like an odd addition to the list, but chia seeds have been given more and more recognition in recent years due to their ability to restore electrolytes, a.k.a their ability to restore the fluid you’ve lost from sweating.

  1. Pasta (ideally wholegrain)

It is recommended by professionals that you should aim to eat within one hour after finishing your workout, so that energy and iron can be restored. Pasta is a great foundation for this, due to its high content of protein and is even more beneficial if eaten with a meat or fish based sauce and a whole lotta’ veg (such as broccoli and asparagus).

  1. Hummus (preferably homemade)

 Alongside being another great way to restore glycogen levels, the chickpeas in hummus are also great at replenishing lost amino acids. Hummus is delicious for dipping before meals or as a lunch with carrot and celery sticks.

  1. Green Vegetables – and lots of them!

 This is where our old friend kale comes into its own, along with it’s accomplices broccoli and spinach. Leafy green vegetables are a great source of vitamins and notably cleanse your system, even helping you to lose weight. You’d definitely be best advised to make any of these a valid addition to your post workout menu.

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