The Best Color Suits for Every Woman

Every color doesn’t fit everyone and most of us are painfully aware of that. So what colors fit which body types best? As a matter of fact this one is almost an exact science and choosing the right color suit for your body and skin shade may be the difference between getting your modeling job or not. In this article I’ll give you a few tips about how to find the colors that will suit you best.

See what your best colors are. This can be determined by your veins, eyes and fingertips. How this works is the exact color of your veins will be your dramatic color. You need to figure out if it is purple, blue or green. In your eyes, or rather the iris, find the lightest and darkest shades. These are the colors that will suit you best. Your shade of black should be determined by the exact shade of the iris ring (the dark ring around the iris). Finding your most suited romantic color will require you to pinch the tip of your finger. The color that displays when the white disappears is your romantic color. This is also the perfect shade of lipstick for you.

There is a method called taking your ‘color temperature’. This method involves you taking a cool colored fabric like blue and holding it under your chin. Standing in good lighting in front of a mirror, close your eyes and keep them shut for a couple of seconds. Open them again and pay attention to what you instantly notice. If you see your eyes first and you seem bright you have a cool color base but if you seem drained or notice dark areas around your mouth or nose you need to go warmer. Use gold, orange or yellow to see how warm or cold your color is. Your color temperature is where your eyes pop and skin looks clear. Whatever your temperature is, the hues will have a smoothing effect on your entire appearance.

You need to check your colors every two years or so. As we get older our colors change as we soften. We need to keep this in mind and adjust accordingly. Guard against over wearing your dramatic color or it may be just a tad too much. Tone it down with your neutrals to keep it looking vibrant. If you follow these tips to find your ideal suit color you cannot go wrong. For someone with a warm color temperature a dark purple suit with violet blouse underneath will do wonders while a wine red suit with a pastel pink blouse may work for a warmer temperature. Remember that your makeup needs to compliment your natural shades too. A final tip about the color that will suit you best is to look at what suits your hair color. This is another reason that you have to adjust your colors as needed. Looking like a million bucks is as easy as getting your colors just right and at Boon Models you’ll learn many other ways of determining your colors.

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