The Best Body ‘Detoxers’

In the lead up to New York Fashion Week, there is almost so much anticipation in the air that its enough to cause us major anxiety about whether our bodies will cope with the long days, late nights and endless lists of parties to attend. Sure, this is all amazingly exciting and good fun but it helps to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel as far as our health is concerned.

Here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming New York modeling agencies of the moment), we’ve got you covered and have decided to get together a list of all the best detoxing foods that will help get your body back on track and rid it of all the toxins that build up with all this excitement going on.

So make sure you have the best Fashion Week you’ve ever had, then be sure to follow this list of suggestions for the key body ‘detoxers’:

Wheat grass

Considered one of the ultimate body cleansers, wheat grass can often be found in juices and smoothies or even as a shot if you’re taking things really seriously. It apparently flushes out the liver and can even improve the look of your skin, so get sipping!


Alongside containing major amounts of fiber, apples are full of vitamins and minerals. They are great in juices or even as a snack if you want a substitute for the dreaded sugar monster that will give you a nasty ‘comedown’.


The list of health benefits of the humble pomegranate is huge, seeing as it contains vitamins A C & E, folic acid and iron. Henceforth making it one of the best antioxidant foods out there to clean out your system. It’s not always easy to get hold of the fruits themselves when they’re fresh but you can get your hands on concentrated juice from your local health food store.

Green Vegetables

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again now: green vegetables are an absolute Godsend in the fiber and iron department. Both of which are absolutely key for getting our systems beck on track. Therefore, on your next visit to the grocery store you should be sure to pick out your trusty friends broccoli, kale, spinach and even Brussels sprouts if you’re feeling really brave.


Containing vast amount of healing properties from the high levels of vitamin C, lemons are the frontrunners in the detoxing department. We are not suggesting that you eat one whole as that wouldn’t really taste very nice at all but the beauty of this miracle fruit is that you can add it to most drinks and even garnish your food with it. The more you can do this the better. 


Great news for all of you lovers of Italian food, fresh garlic is not only great for your heart (due to the fact it can lower blood pressure) but also contains a naturally occurring property called allicin that battles the toxins in your bloodstream.

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