The Anatomy of ‘The Tuxedo’

It will come as no surprise to any of your fashion-followers or stylists out there that the tuxedo is making a comeback. Ok, so I will admit that – especially with awards season upon us – it never really went away. However, my point here is to underline that the tuxedo has never been so prominent on women in major fashion houses across the globe, as it is now. And of course it is becoming all the more androgynous and expertly tailored by the minute. Gone are the days of just adding a blazer or a quirky tie or bow to your outfit. Oh no, nowadays the cool thing to do is to hit the tailors and have a completely fitted two-piece made for you to strut your stuff with some stylish brogues. This ‘boyish’ approach is being adopted everywhere it seems and has notably been displayed on the likes of Alexa Chung, Aymeline Valade and in the recent DKNY campaign starring Cara Delevingne dressed – rather convincingly – as a man.

Ranging in a variety of different fabrics, the modern day female tuxedo tends to be made up of silks, satins and tweeds. Furthermore, most recently modeling agencies in New York, London, Paris and Milan will have noted that designers such as Altuzarra and Giambattista Valli are adding more breadth to this concept with varying textures, that include velvet collars and even a fringed hemline adorned with tassels.

The overall look of the female tuxedo has also been given a revamp with various designers daring to go against the grain of traditional structuring. Henceforth we are seeing more and more varieties of structure emerge such as that of Victoria Beckham who decided to remove the sleeves of hers altogether. Then there are also other instances of scooped out backs and dropped hems making more and more of an appearance on the runways.

Another bone of contention when it comes to the modern female tuxedo is your choice of footwear. So long is has been agiven that brogues were your ‘go-to’ shoe of choice but this year the horizons have been broadened, showing more of an appearance of suede mules. Heels are, of course, not to be ruled out if you are looking to add an extra level of intensity to your outfit, but the trick is to keep the lines slim. For this, we can always rely on the trusty stiletto. If you want to add an even more of a modern spin to this you could opt for a version that has an open-back heel but these are understandably difficult to walk in so might require some practice.

Décor-wise the tuxedo is a blank canvas for designers to display their creativity; showing more and more versions adorned in graphic laser print like those of Roberto Cavalli. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly popular on the catwalks for a tuxedo to match the colour of your chosen shirt for an all-in-one color explosion.

To summarise, in case we haven’t made it clear enough: tuxedos are one of the coolest crossovers to be found on models, celebrities and the rest of us. Therefore, when choosing your outfits for the upcoming fashion weeks, be sure not to shy away from it as a chic and stylish option.

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