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Now, I know that spring is fast approaching and that is definitely a reason to be excited, but if you haven’t already invested in a stylish yet reliable coat for the cold weather then it is still very much worth doing so. It is still February after all and your trusty coat – whichever choice you make – will be like your best friend keeping you company on those freezing walks around fashion week and the even colder nights dashing back and forth from all the parties.

 Here at Boon Models we cannot wait to get the countdown to fashion week started but we know it is going to signal a time of glorious chaos where – along with other New York modeling agencies – our models will be running all over town for castings, fittings and the all-important shows themselves. Therefore, we very much advocate that a warm coat is a must for everyone.

 When it comes down to SS15 style in the coat department, designers have very much found a fork in the road leading them to either base their designs on a long or short structure. For instance, if I can cast your minds back towards last year to the highly coveted ‘Chanel Supermarket’ catwalk in Paris, then you might be able to remember most of the models were parading crop-top pant-suits and trainers, all brought together with floor length coats embodying their trademark tweed. This was, by far, the most defining aspect of the show and has been spotted out and about on many a model or celebrity. Céline also followed suit in a similar way to Chanel but with a slightly more androgynous undertone leading the way for Calvin Klein and Tibi to take it to the next level with fur-embellished masculine structures. Oh how I love a fashion juxtaposition!

 If it’s a short coat you’re after, designers such as Saint Laurent and Gucci have got you covered. Furthermore, the traditional duffel coat style is incredibly prominent and looks fantastic with pretty much any outfit, especially our beloved jeans. Of course, it is well worth noting that short coats definitely won’t keep you as warm as their long counterparts but with woollen and layered options galore, you’re sure to find something that works. Don’t forget, you might also get more wear out of a shorter coat because it will still be eligible to be worn in the early spring/summertime. But we are merely here to show you what’s out there; the choice at the end of the day is always yours.

 It isn’t just here in New York that we feel the need to invest in a good coat. Modeling agencies in Washington DC , Tampa and LA are also jumping on the bandwagon because there is just as much problem with the cold all across the country. Furthermore, seeing as we spend around 30-40% of our lives wearing coats and jackets, we definitely don’t see any harm in looking stylish whilst doing so.

This might seem like an odd question, but have you ever given much thought to whether you’re getting the right amount of sleep? You’d be surprised at how much our bodies can be struggling without us realizing and in the lead up to New York Fashion Week, here at Boon Models (one of the top up and coming New York modeling agencies ) we believe that you should be taking care of yourself first and foremost before anything else.


So let me ask you this: are you an early bird, who gets up happily at the crack of dawn? Or are you – like a much larger portion of the population – pressing your ‘snooze’ button continuously in the hope that the nightmare idea of getting up might just go away? Your answer to this isn’t exactly a defining factor as to whether you’re getting enough sleep or not because there are pros and cons for both sides. It is however useful to know which side of the spectrum you fit into because it could be that you are adopting the wrong approach to your sleep pattern.


There is significant evidence out there to underline that all of our individual sleep patterns and needs are different. Some of us can get by on 6 hours a night and some of us feel we need closer to 9. But does this have an impact on our productivity during the day? People who are considered early-risers are often described as more productive than those who aren’t, but at the same time display more symptoms of stress and anxiety as the end of the day approaches. On the other side of the argument, late-risers display an altogether more laid back temperament, but are not proven to be as fruitful in their labors. If you were to go on this evidence alone, then it would seem that people who get more sleep are happier yet less industrious… But this is not always the case.

 Whilst the sleep benchmark for adults (aged 18-64) is described as 7-9 hours, as we’ve stated before: every individual is different. Therefore, too much sleep can actually end up being counterproductive for some people, resulting in a ‘groggy’ feeling where you don’t feel like you can truly wake yourself up without vices such as coffee.

 So what is there to do if you don’t feel your sleep pattern is quite right? Well our first advice if you feel there is a real issue (such as insomnia) would be to seek advice from your doctor. But secondly, if things aren’t quite so serious but you fancy a change, why not try switching things up a bit? For example, if you are an early-riser then why not try giving yourself twenty minutes extra in bed and see if that helps your mood in the afternoons? Or even better, if you’re working from home, then why not try out a strategic ten-minute power nap on your lunch break? Furthermore, if you are one of those late-risers, that takes the chance of more sleep whenever they can get it, then how about turning your schedule on its head and voluntarily waking up an hour earlier? This could be the best, most productive thing you’ve ever done and you might never look back.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Military-Inspired Make-Up

To all of you men out there reading this, you’d better watch out: There is a new breed of ‘Power Woman’ on the loose and she is dressed head to toe in Balmain. Well, not just Balmain, there’s also Burberry, Chanel, Givenchy… Basically all of the key players in the fashion design industry are getting in on the new breed of military inspiration which has spread all the way from our clothes to our slicked back hair and now even our make-up. This will also, no doubt, be prominently displayed on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week (taking place from 12-19th February 2015).

But what does this mean for our make-up? Don’t worry, Boon Models (one of the prominent up-and-coming New York modeling agencies) have got you covered with a list of all you need to know about the latest military make-up trends.


We’re back to paler side of things in the complexion stakes, so be sure to have your trusted CC cream and matte powder at the ready. Once you have applied both of these then be sure to get your brows looking as bushy as possible, almost thinking in terms of a soldier who is trying to remain camouflaged.


Cheeks have their own category when it comes to military-inspired make-up because the dramatic definition is such an important part for your look. The ‘Balmain Army’ cannot march without their trusted soldiers looking at their most ferocious. Therefore, you should invest in a great contour kit and an earthy blush. Then apply both of these very carefully and precisely in order to get your cheekbones pointing in the direction of your lips. This adds such a strong element of drama and is absolutely on-point when it comes to up-to-the-minute make-up styling.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that your eyes need to be dramatic too when adopting this soldierly look. This is not the case. In fact you should apply a minimal amount of golden shadow and not apply any eyeliner at all. You should also try and get your hands on a chocolaty-brown mascara that will add a softer edge to the look, whilst at the same time giving your eyes the necessary definition. 


 That’s right you guessed it. The lips are the crowning glory of this look and you will need your fiercest red lipstick and liner at the ready. The experts recommend a softer outline for the lip but for our part we feel that you should feel free to be as experimental as you like. The trick, after all, is to be bold and ready for ‘fashion combat’.

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