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In case you hadn’t heard the buzz all over Hollywood – and the rest of the world for that matter – Kate Hudson is trying her hand at sportswear designing and has consequently co-founded new brand ‘Fabletics’. And taking into consideration that she is not only on of the most naturally beautiful, but one of the most well-toned and fit women in the world it makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it. At the age of 35, I would even go as far as to say that Kate looks like she’s getting younger by the minute due to her great approach to health and lifestyle. Furthermore, here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming modeling agencies in Tampa, DC and NYC ) we are always fans of a well-thought-out celebrity endorsement, especially if it’s going to get us in the mood to hit the gym.


Never has this ‘gym-spiration’ been more prevalent than the recently released photos of Kate Hudson gallivanting around LA with her close friends Erin and Sara Connor working on the ‘Fabletics’ promotional material that will hit our screens imminently. The fact that she has decided to use her friends to model the brand, rather than bringing in models she doesn’t know, is Kate Hudson all over. It’s not very often that an actress as beautiful as Kate can portray herself as totally unintimidating and down to earth, but she certainly has it nailed, especially when you see her having a an amazing time with her gal-pals. Consequently, we love her all the more. Even though there is the unmistakeable fact that Erin and Sara Connor (step-sisters to Gigi and Bella Hadid) are toned to perfection, which coincidentally works out quite well for Kate in terms of making the products look good!


So what exactly is it that makes ‘Fabletics’ so unique as a sportswear brand? Kate claims that there is a gap in the market for great outfits for working out that are affordable and stylish, hence her decision to co-found the brand. A good point for sure. She also goes as far as to say that she wants to create a network of strong independent women that form the ‘Fabletics’ community, so also a bit of a feminist spin on it there which we love.


The garments themselves consist mainly of delicately shaped cropped tops that evidently support a range of different bust sizes without having to come across too harsh with big adjustable straps. Another notable quality of the ‘Fabletics’ collection are the leggings – that come in a varying array of lengths – and their on-point variation of patterns that are so popular in the fashion world right now. Kate, we hope there’s a lot more where this came from.