Supermodels Transformed into Computer Generated Images for New Campaign

Binx Walton, Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner and Lara Stone are the latest supermodels to be transformed into seemingly computer-generated images for five special versions of the Spring/Summer 2015 edition of Garage Magazine.

This shoot comes out in anticipation of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, taking place in New York and here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming NYC modeling agencies) we couldn’t be more excited to see this latest revolution hitting the mainstream media.

These dramatic CGI special editions of Garage Magazine were first released last week to promote the new ‘Royals Collection’ of BEATS headphones that will soon be available in stores across the US. They also signal a beacon of innovation in the fashion world that will inevitably see more and more photographers using computers to assist them with their ideas. When you think about it this way, the possibilities for different shoot inspirations will be endless.

The shoot itself sees each individual model stripped back minimalistically in the hair and make-up department, with each of them taking on a very simple natural look, staring directly down the lens of the camera. The simplicity of their natural appearance is then very much turned on its head with the addition of a piece of computer generated imagery, incorporated very cleverly into each of the actual formations of the image.

First up, Binx Walton – with her stunning natural freckles – stares face on from the side, at the camera with a cluster of green CGI crystals growing from her neck, spreading all the way up to the green Beats headphones that she’s modeling. Next up is Cara Delevingne, who models the blue BEATS and has a CGI plastic border framing her face, consequently making it look even more symmetrical than it is already. This is then followed by a CGI, purple-flame emblazoned, Joan Smalls and the beautiful Lara Stone, whose face, rather scarily, appears buried under a layer of shiny wax or plastic. Of course, this was all created in the comfort of the editing suite so the models are fine, don’t worry. But it really does leave you with a haunted ‘I, Robot’ version of the future in your mind, which is evidently the creepy feeling they’re going for.

Last up is Kendall Jenner, whose look Creative Director Pat McGrath (of CHAOS Fashion fame) decided to take to the next level and create a 3D version that was posted to the magazine’s website. This 3D version shows Kendall’s face, wrapped in CGI wire (and wearing the headphones of course), actually emerging out of the magazine cover into a 3D apparition of her that gradually becomes immersed in CGI ‘metal’. Scary stuff!

This issue of Garage magazine will be available from February 12th 2015 and if you’re anything like us and the other leading NYC, Tampa and Washington DC Modeling Agencies out there, you’ll be heading straight to the store to reserve your copy.

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