Sunglasses to Match Your Face Shape

There is no denying that it is an incredibly exciting time of year in the fashion industry. With the first wave of New York Fashion Week well underway, this very much signifies that we can start getting excited about summer, or at least some very welcome spring sunshine filtering through the clouds to brighten up the city. Being advocates of looking your best all year round, Boon Models (one of the most exciting up-and-coming New York, Tampa and Washington DC modeling agencies) have put together for you a bit of a guide to choosing the best pair of sunglasses to match the shape of your face. These are, after all, going to be a year-long accessory and, even though now is the best time to invest in anticipation of summer, there is nothing to stop you wearing them all year round once you’ve found the perfect pair. So be sure to take note.

If you have a… a Round Face

For people with rounded facial features, it is best to go for a pair of sunglasses that have a larger overall frame, preferably wider than your face. The ‘Wayfarer’ brand of Raybans are particularly flattering for rounder faces because of their bold and creative designs that help to add definition, which is key if you fit into this bracket.

It is best to avoid rounder frames because it won’t do your features any favors in the definition department. Rectangular frames are a much better bet.

If you have… a Square Face

If you are lucky enough to have a chiselled jaw line we take our hats off to you for sure, but it doesn’t necessarily make it the easiest thing in the world to find a perfectly shaped pair of sunglasses.

The trick here is to soften the appearance of your jaw line and ‘Aviators’ are great for this along with the ‘butterfly frame’ style for women.

One to avoid for the squarer face is any kind of detailing on the brow bar of the glasses. This means staying away from a double bar, or any kind of embellishment on the brow line that many sunglasses have incorporated n recent years.

If you have a… a Heart-Shaped Face

When styled with the right pair of sunglasses, people with heart-shaped faces can look absolutely stunning. One of the reasons for this is that you can take on more of a ‘vintage/retro’ look inspired by Hollywood legends such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

Therefore, we highly recommend looking into ‘wrap-around’ and rectangular frames, being careful to keep to smaller, neater styles. ‘Wayfarers’ and ‘butterfly frames are again a great choice but just be sure to opt for a softer lense, maybe incorporating the famous tortoiseshell pattern.

If you have… an Oblong-Shaped Face

The key with an oblong-shaped face is to add width and an overall balance. Oversized frames are perfect for this, in the style of Dior or Dolce & Gabanna. Or you could even try a more rectangular frame with a blunter edge for an up-to-the-minute complimentary look.

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