Sultry Fashion is here to Stay

Since the dawn of time (well, ‘fashion time’ shall we say) it has been taken as a given that most women want to dress well and feel attractive. In previous decades this meant dressing well for their husbands or potential suitors but more recently the world has seen a rise in feminist power dressing that, most definitely, doesn’t require the approval of any man. This has been even more prominent in recent years when women have set a great deal more focus on their daily wear than their evening wear. Basically, seductive fashion just didn’t seem that important anymore when we were dressing for our own style needs. That is, until now.

In case it hadn’t been made glaringly obvious, New York Fashion Week is well and truly upon us and with it comes a wave of sultry, seductive, leather-incorporating fashion, particularly focused on the inclusion of sheer fabrics. Ever the fashion-followers, here at Boon Models (one of the top up-and-coming NYC modeling agencies of the moment), we have seen this coming for a while but where is it all heading, I hear you ask?

We have already seen a rather dramatic turn in ‘street styling’ – on the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora – taking on oversized t-shirts paired with thigh-high boots which, although very on-point, is incredibly hard for the rest of us to get right without looking over the top or just plain ridiculous. This has all spawned from fashion houses such as Rodarte and Givenchy who, last year, saw fit to reintroduce lace-up thigh high leather boots to their collections, adding that sexy edge. The difference however was that they were actually worn over the top of jeans and pants so as not to appear too overtly ‘sexy’. This is where the rest of us need to take note.

Yves Saint Laurent (now fronted by Heidi Slimane) and Tom Ford have also followed suit in recent months, by adding a sheer or glistening element to their most recent collections, which is strategically placed to add an air of seduction. For example, one of Slimane’s most recent looks incorporated a tailored blazer matched with leather pants, all topped off with a transparent shirt, which was the main focus. But it is duly noted that, similar to Rodarte and Givenchy, there is actually a minimal amount of flesh on show.

So what can we learn from this new take on sultry fashion, that will be hitting catwalks all across the world over the next few weeks? Well, it is definitely safe to say that less is more when it comes to ‘sex appeal’ and therefore you are strongly advised to keep it under wraps – which is coincidentally great for the cold weather – and concentrate more on the choice of texture and material when it comes to the art of ‘fashion seduction’.

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