Style Tips for Holiday Party Season

Just a few tips to make your festive season a bit merrier:

  • The little black number had been the go-to item for any outing for the majority of ladies but this year you may want to add a piece that makes a bold statement. Just adding an impressive accessory may do. If your actual dress becomes the statement item it needs to be paired with toned down items to create a nice balance and avoid your completed look to be too busy. An amazing pair of boots, a set of jewelry or even a handbag with a huge attraction factor are perfect items to liven up the traditional go-to if you still prefer it.
  • Start with any simple item and adorn it with an attention grabber like a sequined bomber jacket or something faux fur (wear real fur at your own peril).
  • Static can easily make your amazing outfit flop and those who have struggled with it before will tell you horrors of sticky skirts riding up way too high and blouses that just don’t sit right. A simple solution is to spray your garment with hairspray on the inside and the outside. For static that threatens to ruin your hairdo, simply sleek it down with a dryer sheet.
  • Patent leather shoes and handbags can be turned into brand new with the application of petroleum jelly with a soft piece of fabric or cloth. It has been proven to not only give it a brand new appearance but also protect the leather.
  • Keep in mind that winter months are murder on our skins and moisturizing is one of those steps you should never skip over during these icy months. Use face creams, serums containing hyaluronic acid and hydrating sheet masks or whatever you prefer to ensure your skin is always hydrated as dry skin will never be in style.
  • Another thing never to forget if you want to keep your skin party ready is to exfoliate. Getting rid of those old skin cells will do wonders for the look and feel of your skin. This is not only for your face though. Think about treating yourself to a full-body exfoliation every now and then. Be sure to exfoliate before moisturizing. This will enable the moisture you add to reach your deeper skin layers.
  • You need to remember a great faux lash to be all night bash ready. Adding some falsies will instantly add volume to your own lashes. Just make sure you use a dermatologically tested adhesive that will last as long as you will. There are few things as unflattering as irritated eye areas or lashes all askew.

There are just so many things that you can do to be amazingly stunning at your holiday parties but if you need a few visuals, have a look at what the models at Boon Models do. Go through the pics and pay attention to what each model’s photo focusses on and see if one of their tricks or looks will work for you.

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