How to be a Model – Safety Tips For Models



There are many quacks in this industry just as they are in any other field or industry. You are the one to be cautious when dealing with any agency that has a website and promise you moon, especially if you are a new model and trying your luck in the modeling world.

You’ll find the following tips helpful in achieving a safe modeling career.

  • These days, anyone can put up a website and claim to be the most excellent modeling agency in the world. But how do we detect if it’s a legitimate company or not? Visit “Contact Us” page on their website and if there is an address there, then that is a good start.
  • Models below the legal maturity age, in is US its eighteen years, should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Know your limitations :- If you are aware your statistics and interest are not aligned with the statistics of a typical industry standard runway model, do not believe the “experts” in the modeling agencies, who promise you a career in runway modeling.
  • When traveling, ensure all arrangements are met before getting to the destination. Kindly visit our traveling tips section for more beneficial information regarding this.
  • Go through your contract very well and verify any doubts in the contract. You might need the help of a legal practitioner to explain any unclear terms.
  • Find out the nature of the photo shoot or any modeling job you want to participate before getting to the location.
  • Never allow anyone to force you to do any job you are not hundred percent comfortable with. Learn to reject such offers.
  • Know the type of model you are before setting out for castings.
  • A good model is always smart; always think twice in every situation.
  • Several agencies do charge for portfolio from your earning provided they have assisted you in building it, but always ensure the amount upfront.
  • Stay away from casting agents you meet at the park, shopping mall, and the likes. This is because lawful agencies do not practice such antics for recruiting models. There are always several applicants for them to choose from.
  • Schedule a meeting with any agency at their formal place of work i.e. office or public place where your safety is guaranteed. Avoid going to the office alone if it is located in dodgy area.
  • It’s very uncommon that any modeling agency can make you famous overnight, only the fake ones make such promises.
  • Anybody that promises you a position in one of the renowned Television or Fashion shows without any experience is deceitful. This rarely happens.
  • Legitimate agencies always have multiple contacts and after work emergency numbers when you begin to work with them.
  • Legitimate modeling agencies do not need to advertise, models will always walk up to them. So be careful about your intake.
  • A P.O Box is not a good measure to determine a genuine business as anybody can own a P.O box anywhere and tracking the company without a court order is impossible.
  • Modeling agencies are operated on the commission received from their clients, hence any agency that wants to charge you before you begin to work with them is quite illegitimate. Always avoid this.


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