Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Takes Center-Stage as the Face of Paige’s Spring 2015 Denim Campaign

Oh, Rosie Huntington-Whitely – let us count the ways in which we love and adore you. Ever the toast of modeling agencies in New York, London, Paris and the rest of the world for that matter, Rosie H-W is a guaranteed ‘seller’ for clothing ranges across the world and it is therefore no surprise that she has been picked up for the latest Spring Campaign from Paige Denim. I know that if I were a fashion designer I would most certainly be queuing round the block to get her to front my most influential shoots, so quite frankly I don’t blame Paige Denim one bit. And what a shoot this is, photographed by Naj Jamai in the sun-kissed setting of Los Angeles, where Rosie divides her time between her home with boyfriend Jason Statham and her home country England.

The first set of shots released display Rosie out and about in LA, which on this occasion could be mistaken for the more tropical settings of Barbados or Hawaii. Her beautiful beach-blonde hair looks at its best in a variation of shots including Rosie laying back in the hammock, showing off Paige’s latest hot-pant denim shorts paired with a daringly low-cut silk shirt and bohemian jewellery. Another particular favorite here in the Boon Models office, shows Rosie sporting Paige’s newest stonewash ‘Boyfriend’ jeans (very significant of the nineties) paired with a simple white top and unusual necktie – almost hinting at tones of the North West.

The second set of shots that Paige have released show a complete juxtaposition to the beach scene, with the raw stripped-back setting of a simple studio. Consequently this reverts us back to the core beauty of the collection and of course that of Rosie herself. Most prominent of all these shots, is the addition of Paige’s Edgemont Ultra Skinny mid-rise jeans, which also happen to boldly adorned with vertical stripes. Not a fashion choice for the faint hearted, but there is no worry where Rosie is concerned as the look doubles up on the denim and shows her wearing another daring low cut shirt with a silk scarf around her neck. These Edgemont jeans will no doubt be a best seller of the collection, not least because of Rosie’s input, but because spots and stripes are officially back in style again (if they ever left at all?).

Scrolling through the rest of the studio shots is only a good idea if you’re prepared some serious envy, as Rosie’s styling and beauty shines through, so much so, that its enough to stop anyone in their tracks. The stylist has clearly adopted a ‘less is more’ approach, with most of the outfits consisting of no more than two or three garments. This is the material point: there just isn’t a need for anything more. Rosie’s selling power speaks for itself as does the beautiful simplicity of this collection. Well done Paige Denim!

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