Rihanna Takes to the Cover of W Magazine for 10th Anniversary Edition

As we welcome another year with open arms, we welcome another breath-taking Rihanna editorial, which in this instance comes in three special editions of W Magazine Korea to celebrate ten years of their publication. We’ve definitely got to agree that getting this lady in to celebrate your birthday certainly gives the celebration some panache, seeing as she is one of the most sought after celebrities of the moment, not to mention one of the most prominent fashion icons of the younger generation.

The shoot, entitled ‘Rihanna in K-Town’, was recently announced by Rihanna herself via her Instagram page, and was shot by world-renowned photographer Dennis Leupold. Furthermore, it takes on three very different looks for each special edition cover, seeing Rihanna in three very different Korean-inspired settings, utilizing the hair stylings of Ursula Stephen and the make-up artistry of Ozzy Salvatierra. These set of covers also symbolize a landmark in Rihanna’s career, seeing as she was signed ten years ago to the day of W’s release, so we quite frankly, we here at Boon Models (one of the most promising up-and coming modeling agencies in Washington DC, NYC and Tampa) couldn’t wait to see what she’d done to make it extra special…

The first of the covers sees Rihanna sat in the booth of an East-Asian rustic-looking restaurant, with the telling oriental cutlery and graffiti emblazoned walls set out around her. Her outfit takes on two simplistic elements which include a stunning royal blue floor length coat, paired with the color-popping magic of red stilettos, crowned very delicately with two red bows on each shoe.

The second cover is noticeably purer, seeing Rihanna dressed in an all-white ensemble but with the fabric texture adding the edginess we have come to equate to her. She is this time stood in front of a wall displaying vintage Korean artwork, wearing a white tuxedo jacket and a padded white dress, fitted to within an inch of its life and revealing a considerable amount of cleavage. But we have to hand it to her, Rihanna has never tried to pretend that she is the subtle type and her fans love her all the more for it.

The third and final cover takes on an altogether more personal approach showing Rihanna in a close up shot staring directly into the lens of the camera. The shot is definitely a firm favourite for us especially with it’s oriental-inspired ‘up do’, unique red/brown/bronze make-up and mustard satin jacket which is straight from the runways of Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. The bright coloring of Rihanna’s jacket, combined with the setting and her choice of make-up makes this a stand-out shot, representing the type of beauty you don’t always see on magazine covers these days but with the inevitable ‘Rihanna twist’. We have certainly fallen for it big time.

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