Posing Tips for How to Look Your Best in Photographs


A model who knows her strength is the model you see on magazine covers and campaign ads. But the best pictures and poses you see is not an accident, there are lot of hard work and practice behind them. Some of the tips I’m going to share here may not be applicable to every reader, but take as much as you can and try to apply it in your portfolio.

First of all, mirror is your best friend. First study your body and face from different angles and figure out which angle you look the best. For example, check your face from both sides, top, bottom and from different distance. If you have a fair idea of how you look from different angles, you can make suggestions to photographers when they try different angles. This will save a lot of time and make every shoot more efficient.   Remember, which ever object is closest to the camera that appears to be big in the picture.

Space between arms and the body for a side shot. The second picture makes the model more lean; because her arms is more vertical to the camera than the first picture. It’s the same model, but she looks drastically different in the second picture with creating a little space between her body and arm.


 Same technique is used for a front shot as well, it’s the same model, but the second picture makes the model lean with a simple arms extension.



The effect of shadows on photos – Understand how light works on pictures. Usually there will be two lights in any photo shoots, some might have more lights, but two lights are minimum. The brightest light is called the key light. In the below picture, the model has her arm towards key light which cast a shadow on her face, which is never good for a photo. So look for your key light and make sure that your face has no barrier between key light.
In the second picture, the model moves her hand a little bit away from her face and the difference is majestic. The second picture is far better than the first one.

Sticking to the pose – A model should be able to stick to a pose without moving. A slight change in the pose may change the photographs completely.

Prominence of eyes in photographs – This can only be rectified by practicing in the mirror. Your eyes should not break your cheek, which means, there should be a connection of skin between the eye and the cheek. If the face is too close to the camera, there will be a large line of skin between your eye and cheek and if you turn away too much there wont be a line between your eye and cheek. The model needs to be aware of the exact angle the line is thin but visible.



Use your neck to attain elegance.

In this picture the model has elongated her neck and see the difference for yourself. Also note that the jaw is little bit protruding in the second pose, which gives definition to the face. The pose is unnatural when you do it, but the effect in the picture is unbelievable.


In this pose model is faking her curves by sliding her waist to the right. This technique will give you more curve and definition to your body and looks more feminine in pictures.



This pose is about hands – Your middle finger creates an odd appearance in the picture if its protruding above other fingers. If the middle finger is slightly bend, it creates a fluid appearance in the photographs. Relax your hands and curve the hand a little bit towards your body and make sure that your middle finger is slightly pointing inward to create this illusion.




Tossing the dress in the air gives a unique look for the photographs.
Imagine the below photo without the dress flying in the air, so play with your dress and make some designs in the air. It will give a sensational illusion in the pictures.


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