Wayne Butler

Wayne Butler

6′ 0″
160 Lbs
Chest :
42 inch
32 inch

Wayne is a model that boasts a clean-cut look, one that would work well with men’s cosmetics but can still work very well in an ad or runway project calling for a manly man. Wayne has soft features without looking boyish. He carries an air of mystery mostly due to the angled look which works wonders for the overall feel of his pics.

Many people feel that the camera handler is the real artist in the end due to the fact that they tell the models what they want them to do and this is quite true in a sense. They know exactly what works for what kind of look and they can apply that to create what a client wants but if a camera handler has to struggle with an incompetent model it can make the job much harder.

At Boon Models the models are trained to know exactly how they should conduct themselves. They also learn how to access the different facets within themselves to portray the needed persona for the project at hand. When a model knows how to do this successfully they can flip from one facet to another without a flinch. This makes for a lot of time and effort saved in the end.

Saved time and patience in a project (especially those of larger proportions) may translate into a bunch of money saved too. Any client loves getting a job handled with speed and skill and for this reason a model that can make it happen is the one chosen.

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