Height :
5' 8"
122 Lbs
Cup :
35 B
37 cm
36 cm
8.5 - 9


Vlada is a model who has already collected a large amount of modeling experience. She has served at wide variety of clients in both runway and commercial modeling. She is known for a multitude of traits that make her a wonderful addition to any modeling project including ability to adapt to a multi to situations, being very stylish, ability to be highly flexible, and extremely hard working. Vlada key skills include a positive attitude, a superior amount of stamina that allows her to work through even the most grueling days, a thorough knowledge of the make-up process, and impeccable posture. Vlada’s knowledge allows her to effectively use a variety of different poses to achieve the stated goal. Her modeling portfolio shows how Vlada would fit into multiple categories of modeling. She would be a great asset in catalogue, runway, ramp, print, editorial, showroom, lingerie, swimwear, fitness, and product projects. Looking through her portfolio provides a picture of a highly experienced and desirable model. In the first photo, Vlada is modeling a white dress. She does more than accentuate the quality in the dress. Her pose adds an air of sensuality to it. Her eyes tell the story of a woman that is not only attractive but also mysterious. It makes you want to get to know her better. In the next photo, Vlada is seen laying poolside wearing a pink one piece swimsuit. Her pose accentuates her natural features, your eyes are brought down her long legs and up her body to her eyes. It makes you want to visit wherever she is at. Who wouldn’t want to travel to a place with such beautiful people? In the third photo, we see Vlada’s ability and experience in lingerie modeling. You can’t help but notice the beautiful figure that her pose creates. Her parsed lips make you wonder what she is thinking. Her eyes create a look that says, “Why don’t you come get to know me better?” It is easy to see why Vlada is a popular and sought after model. No matter what type of modeling project you are putting together, she would be a wonderful addition to it.

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