5′ 8″
125 Lbs
34 B
Waist size:
26 cm
Tiffany’s name brings to mind a very exotic woman. But, her name only does not do justice to the exotic and beautiful woman that it belongs to. She is one of the taller models that we work with. She stands 5 foot 8 inches tall. In the whole of modeling, we realize that this may not be the tallest available. But, she packs a large amount of modeling experience and know how into her frame. The portfolio of photos that Tiffany offers is a testament to the quality of her work.


The first photo brings together very simple elements to create a work of art. Tiffany is seen in a dress with a simple pattern, she is kneeling on a carpet with a tapestry in the background. She is able to use the low light and her position to portray the elegance that the Queen of England herself would envy. The expression on her face simply draws you in. She creates the picture of a woman that any man would want to get to know and any woman would wish to be.


Looking at the second photo, we see a drastic change from the feelings being communicated. Tiffany is now seen in a blue and black, tight fitting dress. She stands in front of a beautiful skyline. But, she is able to pose in such a stunning manner that you don’t even notice the skyline at first. We also see the great range of emotion that she is able to portray with a simple pose. This photo shows a woman that is having fun in the sun. This is a message that would effectively sell a wide range of products.


It does not take long to understand why Tiffany is a highly sought after member of our modeling agency. Once you work with Tiffany, you quickly realize that her beauty and experience is matched by her professionalism, preparation for any project, and results that she produces.


Tiffany Xie

Height:5’8 FeetWeight:125 LbsDress Size:4d>Eye:BlackHair:BlackBust:34BWaist:26Hips:35 cmShoe:8

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