6′ 1″
Chest :
42 inch
32 inch

Smooth chocolate skin toughly drawn over a muscular build, this is Rashad. He is a Boon Models find with a playful side that clearly comes through in his profile. Rashad is the epitome of the all American sportsman and the many photos depicting him in sportswear is evidence of that fact. The word buff doesn’t exactly do him any justice so let’s try diesel. Yes, this truly diesel well-built model is an asset to any project and to get back to his obvious playfulness, he can bring different facets to a character he needs to depict.

Boon Models did well in snatching him up as he is sure to tread deep tracks in the modeling world. Having a reputation to uphold you can be sure that this company made very sure that Rashad and their other models are trained extremely well. So well, in fact, that becoming a totally new person with a whole new personality can be done as easily as breathing while this change is clearly visible in still data like pictures.

In male modelling you’ll be surprised how much competition there is. It is considered something women do but there are many male models out there struggling to find enough work to live from. The good news is that the best of the best in this trade can be found right here at boon Models. No matter what you have in mind, you’ll find a suitable model with the exact look that you are after for your project.

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