6′ 2″
175 Lbs
Chest :
42 inch
42 R
32 inch

A unique look paired with a strong rugged jaw will make Logan a hit among many. Piercing light eyes seem to stare into your heart to give it a kick start. These facts make him the perfect candidate to handle your commercial or runway project and the added bonus that he is signed with Boon Models means that he was well trained too.

He finds it easy to dress casually and smart while both suits him very well as you’ll see from his pics. He also very successfully shows expressions with the obvious ones in his portfolio being serious, quizzical, laid back, playful and even blank with a proud posture that portrays well. His use of the varied expressions will make him easy to work with due to pure experience.

His style will go a long way in letting your audience see the manliness of your product or service as he strongly represents it. The one hand in the pocket look does wonders for creating a casual feel even when dressed smart casual. Using a man in your ad or having them wear your clothing is something that prompts us to find one that can pull the look off. There are many looks that don’t work with certain clothing or it doesn’t carry the desired message within an ad but then you find an individual that could work for any setting. Logan is one of them and by checking out his portfolio you are sure to see why this is the case.

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