Jordan Zebert

Jordan Zebert

6′ 1″
170 Lbs
Chest :
42 inch
32 inch

Looking at Jordan you cannot help but think of the fraternity boys you saw leaving class when you had to pick up your niece for summer vacation last year. He has a very clean, boyish look that forms part of his charm and the mystery he is shrouded in creates an atmosphere all his own. The world reacts well to youth and for this reason a model with such a fresh face is sure to get a lot of attention. His dress style is quite ‘frat boy’ too.

The combination is one that will see you forgiven when thinking he must still be at school. His bright smile lights up his entire face and makes him seem very approachable. Approachable is a great property for a male model unless brooding is the look you are going for in your campaign, another look Jordan pulls off too. He exudes confidence, another must-have for a model.

Boon Models often look for new talent and for this reason their clients always have new options with regards to a model for their project. The reason that their models make a job look easy is because they are well trained to know how to draw out a specific emotion from a crowd or market.

Jordan’s piercing brown eyes with their direct gaze, dark hair and length make for the tall, dark and handsome in the famous saying making him a great choice for a variety of projects that is looking for what he’s got and Jordan’s got a lot.

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