Joe Kitchen


Joe Kitchen

6′ 0″
175 Lbs
Chest :
42 inch
39.5 R
32 inch

When looking at Joe’s cover pic, the first thing you think is: ‘True, pure man’. Not many men can go without shaving and still look good and this little spot of genetic luck is often associated with the rugged outdoors. You think that he will be the perfect model for jeans and open chested shirts or in an ad for one or other type of rough terrain vehicle like Land Rover or Jeep.

But then you look at his second picture and you think more of men’s facial cream. It is almost unthinkable that one person has two such diverse facets in as many pictures but this is what makes Boon Models the company they are. They have a way of spotting something likeable and versatile in a model time after time and Joe truly brings ‘it’. One finds oneself wishing for a larger portfolio to see what his other facets reveal. Does he do James Bond (black tux and bowtie) well or is he more of a casual Will Young of yore? With the two very varied facets showcased he shows that anything is possible.

The world of male models could be just as competitive as that of females (if not more so) and it takes a strong personality to deal with the stresses associated with it but with the talent to become anything at the drop of a hat a model can rest assured that they will be chosen over their competitors every time. This is the kind of model Joe is.

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