Elissa D’Souza

5′ 7″
100 Lbs
34 A
Waist size:
26 inch
33 inch

Elissa’s name does not bring to the mind the beauty that this model brings to the table. She not only produces great work but is able to add a very exotic quality to each and every project. At 5 foot 7 inches and 117 pounds, her stature produces the perfect figure of sensuality and elegance. Her modeling qualities are much more than just her natural beauty. It doesn’t take long of working with Elissa to see her high level of dedication, confidence, personality, dedication, and persistence. She is able to produce work that rivals that of any model out there.
Her ability to use expression and pose to create works of art is seen in every photograph in her modeling portfolio. Let’s take a look at the first photo. She is shown in partial shadow. She is wearing a black blouse. But, looking at her blouse is a pure afterthought. You are immediately drawn to her large eyes and pouty lips. She not only begs you to look at her but creates such a photo that you don’t want to look away.
The next photo illustrates Elissa’s pure comfort on the runway. She is sporting a fluffy white dress. Unlike, the first photo she does not “steal the show”. She is able to use how she walks with a minimal amount of makeup to draw attention to the gown instead of the model. This is a highly important trait for modeling project success.
The reason that a wide variety of clients seek out Elissa’s modeling work needs little explanation. She is certainly one of the treasures in the models that Boon Models works with. We pride ourselves on offering not just trained and experienced models but ones that produce results for every client. She is a great example of why you should stop your search for a modeling agency with us.

Elissa D’Souza

Height:5′ 7″ FeetWeight:117 LbsDress Size:1-2Hair:Dark BrownEye:HazelBust:32Waist:25Hips:33 cmShoe:7.5

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