Anna Katana


annakatana (18.9K)
5' 4"
100 Lbs
Waist size:
24 inch


Training and experience can take many with natural beauty and make them a model. But, achieving great success in modeling requires a combination of many different traits. Boon models one of the modeling agencies in NYC (as well as many other locations) that has developed a great reputation with clients because of our ability to find these great models. Anna Katana is one perfect example of the high quality models that we have available. Her confidence is second-to-none. This high level of confidence allows her to be comfortable in almost any situation. This level of comfort allows her inner emotions to show through. This creates an end product that grows in the viewers, readers, or anyone seeing them. This gives her the exemplary quality of being able to move someone to action with a simple picture. Anna is much more than just a pretty face. She is also dedicated to her craft. This shows through in her level of preparedness for each and every modeling project. She makes sure not only to be punctual and to be ready for the day but also to keep herself in the physical shape that she can go through a very grueling work day and still look wonderful at the end. Her dedication to modeling produces an extremely resilient inner willpower. She makes sure that every part of her lifestyle is focused around producing a quality model. Clients have no need to worry that Anna's personal escapades will show up in the newspaper and reflect poorly on their project. When your company starts thinking about its next modeling project and begins with the search for a quality modeling agency than consider Boon models. Our ability to identify and make available quality models like Anna Katana is why we are one of the premier modeling agencies in Miami and many other locations like New York City, Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey. Our staff is waiting to work with you to produce a modeling project that will create outstanding results.

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