5" 5'
115 Lbs
34 B/c
Waist size:
25 inch
34 inch

Growing up, she was a competitive cheerleader until the age of 18. Naturally, fitness has always been her strongest passion. She believes that living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle is paramount to all aspects of life. Her drive to stay fit sets her a part from the rest. She was always told that she is very photogenic, which encouraged her to pursue a modeling career. Her drive to become successful is what pushed her to the next level. She is known to be self-motivated, punctual, and professional.

She takes any job presented to her with seriousness, and will always be flexible and put her priorities first. While in college, she discovered a passion for yoga and has since created a career around sharing her love of yoga with others. Her work ethic shows that she is self-motivated and gives 100% of herself to all things especially work. She believes that punctuality is the key to success because she feels it is important to respect other people’s time.

She considers herself to be very confident while also having the ability to remain humble. She has traveled extensively and her experiences abroad have taught her to adapt to all situations. Day-to-day, she does not wear much makeup because she finds natural beauty to be empowering. However, getting dressed up and putting on her “face” is a lot of fun.  She gives 100% of herself into her work, and is very dedicated and loyal to keeping her word…if she says she’s going to do something she does it. She finds that to be particularly important in this industry.

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