Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, some designers decided that fairy tales were back in fashion and, quite frankly, we couldn’t be happier about it here at Boon Models. As one of the top up and coming NYC modeling agencies, we are constantly striving to find ways to keep our wardrobes looking unique and inspired.

First up on this magical exploration of fashion fantasy are Dolce & Gabbana whose ethereal, woodland-meets-floral silk dresses have been a hit all the way from the catwalk (first seen back last February) all the way through to being worn by celebrities such as Emma Stone. The inspiration behind this breath-taking pixie floral D&G collection no doubt has a lot to do with fantastical television shows such as Game of Thrones cementing their place firmly in modern popular culture. D&G are also incredibly clever at honing in on a girl’s deepest fantasy, which in a lot of cases might still be reminiscent of the fairy tale princesses that they read about when they were children.

Valentino are also in on the act but have put much more emphasis on their key item: the cape. Red Riding Hood anyone? Yes that’s the kind of fairy tale cape I’m speaking of and in true Valentino style their collection is absolutely exquisite, with the majority of the items topped off with the embellishment of delicately hand-stitched butterflies. Magical!

Another designer to take on the fairy tale approach is Mary Katrantzou with her Guinevere dress – inspired by Arthurian Legends and as seen on Sarah Jessica Parker at the New York City Ballet Opening last year – costing an astonishing $20,000. That’s quite the reality check for the rest of us dreamers over here.

But fear not, the high streets are getting in on the fairy tale act too with Topshop, ASOS and Urban Outfitters just a few of the places you can pick up a floral princess dress, a sultry black cape or a faux fur (Narnia-Inspired) snood. ASOS are definitely the winner in the replication department though with their inspired butterfly print that is so close to Givenchy’s that we could just cry with happiness.

So go forth and prosper. Especially those of you fashion-followers out there who feel like adding a bit of magic to your outfits. Your efforts will certainly be noted at Fashion Week, that’s for sure, and you will fit right in in amongst all the other key players from designers to stylists to modeling agencies in NYC.

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