New Year’s Eve Party Dresses to Ring in 2017

Having the perfect dress to celebrate New Year’s in is cardinally important to many party girls out there and for this reason I have compiled a list of dresses that you can chooses from to make you look your best when you count down the last seconds before entering 2017. The chill in the air makes it impossible to wear those peep toe shoes you love and omitting a jacket will be plain silly. The dress you choose needs to be one that will look good with a jacket and closed shoes to ensure you are quite toasty while painting the town red.

  • An off the shoulder dress may seem like a frosty decision but if you wear it with a faux fur stole you will have a timeless elegance which goes so well with a glass of champagne in hand. Top the look off with a light elbow length glove to add to the classic feel.


  • Sheer is always stunning and if you decide to wear a sheer draping or a dress with sheer insets you need to make sure that you dress in something a bit warmer over it all. Once you are indoors (that amazing club you want to sip your glass of champagne in when the year turns) you may remove the warm layer to astound with what is hidden underneath.


  • A metallic slip dress could be just the thing to make you stand out from the crowd. Be sure to wear complimenting accessories and enjoy the rest of the year in unrivalled comfort. Remember to bring something warm.


  • New Year’s is the one time of the year where you are allowed to go a bit over the top and for this reason you may pull out the sequined maxi dress. You will more than probably never wear it again but who cares, right. You will shine bright like a diamond as the year comes to an end.


  • Velvet is the go-to fabric for an array of fashionistas and designers alike when it comes to dressing for cool weather and you cannot go wrong with a wrap dress made from this luxurious material. Pair it with a cute pair of heels and you are ready to do your thing.


  • If you are looking for something sexy and edgy the choker dress is the one for you. A dress and accessory all in one, who would have thought? If you wear a number with a bit of bling you are sure to see it come alive with all the lights you’ll surely reflect as we all know that New Year’s is a time for fireworks as well as electronic lights.


Whatever you decide to wear, make it count. You are allowed to go wild with regards to your chosen attire and there are few opportunities that allow this so take full advantage of it. When you take a look at a few of the runway shows where Boon Models starred you will get a few amazing ideas.

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