New Year Fashion Trend

As the new year unfolds, we do expect new fashions to unfold as we say goodbye to the old fashion trends. The predicted fashion of 2017 is going to be incredible for you to consider. 2017 will be a no doubt a year’s lady because of the amazing and trendiest fashion for the ladies that is yet to be unveiled in this coming seasons of 2017. If you are eagerly waiting for the latest stylish trends of this year, then 2017 is the year for you. From Boon Models we have decided to provide you with the latest New Year Fashion trends of 2017.

  • Stripes.

This is one of the styles that surfaced in late 2016, and thus you should also expect it to make a major hit in 2017.  The stripes style eggers’ well with the skinny scarfs thus creating an eye-catching style for you to consider.

  • The Peplum Dress.

A peplum dress has been on the market since 2015, but at the moment the design and unique design of the dress has made it be ranked among the top dresses to consider. This is because of the flounce that was added to the dress making it have an exaggerated shape and lets you get away with the shorter lengths.

  • The Modern Babydoll dress.

This is one of the latest trends that was designed to show off your legs so you can go short as you dare. It has got a unique design that has no waist at all. It flares out dramatically in a trapeze shape when worn. This is one of the latest trends that one ought to consider in this 2017.

  • The Structured Crop Top.

The structured crop design is one that runs from shoulders in a perfect square, but it is narrowest at age waist. It can be combined with any outfit such as the slouchy pants and the Flirty skirts.

  • The Slouchy, Pre-Knotted Tops.

This is one of the tops that has hit the fashion industry in the mid-2015, and according to the latest speculations, it is also expected to hit the market again in 2017. It gives out a baggy look because of its oversized tops, but it has the little softness to the new styles. It focuses the attention on the waists just like a crop top does. It looks best when hanging over your waistline.

  • The Boyfriend Jean.

This is one of the latest trends that surfaced in late 2016 together with the skinny jean of 2015. It renders a magnificent look especially when cropped just above your ankle. It has got tasteful rips, tears and they are distressing.

  • The Pop-Art Print.

This is considered one of the best bold and tropical trends that you should try them out in the year 2017. The Comic graphics that it has just made it incredible for one to consider especially when looking for elegance. It is one of the best especially in this coming year of 2017.

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