Modeling Agencies Near Baltimore, Maryland

As many people are already aware, there are two main areas of modeling: fashion and commercial. Those in the industry or who work alongside the industry know exactly what both entails and if you are working with Baltimore Modeling Agency you will soon realize that they know exactly what is what in this regard as well they should. They are both just another area of modeling but they are as different in some cases as night and day.


Fashion modeling is the more competitive of the two areas and they have very strict requirements regarding height, weight and looks that has to be adhered to or the model is simply cut.

In commercial modeling in contrast anything goes if that is what the client wants. The model may be as short, heavyset or wrinkly as the client wants them to be but they are preferred if there is some level of ‘prettiness’ involved.

Modeling Agencies in Baltimore prefer models with unique look in both areas. More on this below.

Physical Appearance

The fashion model’s look is one often compared to that of an alien due to the huge eyes and tiny chin area usually preferred but a model with a unique look, a look that hasn’t been seen a million times before is sure to be chosen over those with repetitious, yet stunning looks.

Commercial models do not have requirements that hold them strictly to one mold. The reason for this is that they have a role to play in each project they work on and these roles range from the corner shop lady through to the toddler at daycare and everything in between. They need to be the everyday Joe (or Jane) and which model is used, entirely depends on the client’s idea for the final effect although, once again the prettiness and uniqueness factor is one that is often preferred. Even though it is true that a cute face secures more jobs, in commercial modeling this cute look resembles the everyday person more so that is what model agency Baltimore, Maryland look for.

The Highest Earner

This point is a bit of a shocker but when you think about it, it all makes sense. Fashion models are required much less often than commercial and the budgets that are set aside for their projects are usually lower than that of commercial jobs. Fashion models are only considered busy once every two years and that is during the international fashion week unless of course they are very high in demand and they are lucky enough to land regular gigs continuously which rarely happens.

On the other hand, commercial models can expect to get work at any time due to the huge market they have available to them. The companies that use them usually has a huge budget because it is the bigger companies that make these kinds of commercials and they get paid more than once in many cases for the one job. Go to for a list of agencies found in this area.