Male Models – Pay Attention to these tips!!

male models modeling tips

Male modeling tips – From top male modeling agency

Perception is reality when it comes to male modeling for that matter in any modeling. The perception is created by a high class portfolio. Since modeling caters to our visual senses, the way you present yourself is of prime importance for male models. How do you present yourself to the best? Short and long answer is grooming, male modeling agencies always look for well groomed male models. Some of the grooming tips for male models are given below.

Lets start from the top and work our way down. First hair, which is an important factor in defining the look of a male model. This industry does not have many bald male models, so a thick hair is almost essential for a successful male modeling career. Take care of your hair if its short or long, shampoo it and get away from the dirt. Wear a hat when going out in the sun and dust. Remove the dandruff and split hairs, get a stylist to do your hair rather than a chain store like “Hair cutery”.

Face and facial skin – Take care of eat by eating healthy food, include fruits and vegetables especially dry fruits. Avoid smoking and binge drinking which effect the skin of a male model. Clean your face with facial scrubs which are not strong. Remove black heads from your nose and cheeks. Sleep well the day before the shoot, this gives a glow to the face of a male model.

Facial hair – An important feature of a male model is facial hair, if you are blessed with nice looking facial hair, you are one step ahead. But keep it groomed, shabby looking facial hair is not something a casting agent from the best male modeling agency wants to see on your face. Photos with both clean shaved as well as bearded are requirements for a male model portfolio. A male model should take care of his eye brows too, keep it trimmed and in shape. A male model should have nice shiny lips which gives an edge to a photo, so keep your lips moist and shiny with a lip balm.


Another feature a male model should be aware of is the teeth. Today there are many teeth whitening products available in the market for a nominal price, buy one and use it. A male model should have perfect teeth which is white and clean. While you are at it, make sure that your mouth don’t smell foul too.

Finger nails and toe nails – Keep them clean, a perfect manicured finger nails gives a good impression on you. Hands are usually used heavily in photographs, so a male model should have a clean and clear nails.

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