Makeup Trends of 2017

As the curtain roll down to open a new fashion season, there is a lot of trends yet to be set forward in this year of 2017. That is why our top fashionistas from Boon Models have decided to bring to you’re the top makeup trends of 2017. At Boon Models we do not only provide the Modelling agency services, but we do provide them with the incredible tips to consider when nurturing their Modelling Career. When applying your makeup, there are so many factors for you to consider. For you to make your masterpiece, you need to have a look at your eyes, lips, contours, cheekbones and the neckline. The following are fashion trends that you need to keep in mind for the year 2017.

  • The Truly Red Lips.

This is a classic makeup trend that has been late 2016 that is why it falls on our top list of the top makeup trends of 2016. Combining brighter and darker shades makes it awesome making your stay nice and cherry.

  • The Gothic Lips.

Gothic lips are lips that have got the dark lining or merely a perfect plum to give out a nightmarish appeal. They are best makes up to apply when it comes to the fall and winter seasons. When applying for the Gothic Lips, you need to have very thin eyebrows.

  • Pastel and Bright Pink Lips.

Having bright Pink Lips gives out an image of the lips of a young child. Its one of the makeup that you can apply throughout the whole season. If you want to have the gorgeous baby lips, then this is the style for you to consider. What this makeup is incredible when paired with graphic eye shadow to deliver the best that it can.

  • No Color Added Lips

Adding a touch of the lip gloss only without any color can be the best option for you always to consider. This is one of the make trends that keeps you natural and thus giving you an incredible. That is why it is a trend that is always considered as a natural trend.

  • The Copper Penny Lids.

This is one of the makeups that is considered as the best when it comes to the fall/winter seasons. Therefore when looking for the trends for this seasons then the Copper Penny Lids are the best option for you to consider.  It’s a beautiful trend that has been versatile in the red carpets.

  • The Rainbow Colored Eyes.

These eyes can be used as a liner or shadow for you to consider.  It’s also the best trends for you to consider during the holiday. Apart from this,  you can also consider the pretty pastels or the metallic hues to combine with this outfit.

  • Graphic Black Eyes.

The Graphic black eyes render Smokey looks that are with thick liners with the winged ends. When applying for this make styles, you do not have to add smudges unless it’s during the winter period. It provides a big statement when used on the runways.

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