LifeCell: The South Beach Skincare Revolution

It’s no secret that one of women’s main quests in life is to find the cure for ageing. Well, the ageing of the skin anyway – we wouldn’t want to be trapped as a teenager forever, that’s for sure. Another thing we all know is that there have been countless tips and techniques shared with us over the years, some of which have worked, some of which very much haven’t. But now there is a product that claims to have started a skincare revolution, making our previous ‘5 Cream Regimen’ (used by all ages across the globe in an attempt to take care of our skin and slow down ageing) a thing of the past.

This product is called ‘LifeCell’ brought to us by the well-known company South Beach Skincare and has been flying off the shelves across the country. Not least in LA, DC and NYC modeling agencies, because we all know that you guys don’t have time to be putting on 5 different creams three times a day, but your skin still has to look flawless.

Perhaps ageing wasn’t the best way to introduce this product. I mean, it goes without saying that from the age of 20 years + we want to put steps in place to stop the ageing process but, having tested it out myself, I can definitely testify that this cream is so much more than that, giving you all of the following in one application:

* 24 hour moisturizer
* firming serum
* under eye treatment (to save us from those late nights!)
* antioxidant cream
* a base for make-up
* de-hyperpigmentation cream
* … and last but by no means last the anti-wrinkle treatment that we all know we’ll need one day.

Not only does LifeCell claim to give you all these qualities in one cream but it also claims to be revolutionary in it’s “17 Second Effect”, which somehow deems it possible to show visible results in 17 seconds. They even go as far as to get you to apply it to one half of your face (leaving the other), in order to let the results speak for themselves. And you know what? They really do.

So how is this all possible? I really wanted to get to the bottom of it too, so after researching further, I found out that the scientific explanation is that LifeCell use light-reflecting micro-technologies, in order to create an optical illusion, which causes wrinkles to disappear in under 17 seconds. Although I would never claim to be a ‘scientific type’, this definitely sounded like a good enough explanation to me. And, after all, if the results are there; the results are there. You can’t argue it.

There is also a second stage to the treatment – which I’m half-way through – claiming a more long-term effect after using the product for 4-8 weeks (which is still in itself not a great deal of time). This second stage actually claims that it will completely change the appearance of your skin making it firmer and, yes you guessed it, younger-looking on a more long-term basis.

Do I believe this is possible? Well the results are there so far, let’s put it that way. But in the long term? I’ll have to keep you posted. What I do know is that this product is getting picked up on across the country with modeling agencies in DC, New York and LA raving about it and the results it’s had for them and their clients. So why not try it out yourself? I need to know I’m not dreaming up this skincare miracle.

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